Daily Post 048: Stable


Today has been a good day. I wasn’t sure if it would be with how rough yesterday was. With how rough the past few days have been, really.


I woke up with a headache. No surprising. I went to sleep around 3 in the morning after playing roughly 5 hours of Chime. I think it helped my brain relax. I don’t think I really processed anything. I know I didn’t make any breakthroughs if I did happen to subconsciously process stuff. But focusing on nothing important was really nice, and I totally indulged in it while everyone else was sleeping the night away.


Down side… Zane wakes up at six in the morning. Three hours of sleep wasn’t enough. I opted not to get out of bed since he wasn’t going to be doing breakfast. Instead we cuddled for as long as possible. When he got up to leave I got up as well to have a piece of toast (my stomach would have killed me otherwise) and to have some water with Advil.


I wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Not really. It was super light and not very restoring, but it was enough to let the water and pills kick in, banishing my headache away.


I unloaded the dishwasher and took care of the few dishes that were in the sink from the previous night. I made breakfast and had coffee with it. I noted how I was able to do these things without the energy it had required the morning before. I felt like I was at a normal base line. Not elevated, but not depressed either. Just sort of “eh” feeling. I was totally ok with “eh”.


The new pants I ordered while I was visiting home showed up today. I had expected black since that’s what I told the cashier I wanted, but I got a heather gray (I think?) instead. I hadn’t known there were color options otherwise I would have made sure, but honestly I actually sort of like the gray.


They’re compression pants that I tried on while out and about on Black Friday. Because it was so cold biking home the previous week, I figured pants would be a good investment along with everything else. I wanted four sets, but the store only had one pair in my size, thus the whole online order through the chasier thing.


I’m not upset about it. And the pair that I wore today worked out amazingly well. I’m sort of thinking about taking two of them and seeing if I can exchange them for black, though. Not sure yet, but since I’m thinking about it that’s most likely what will happen.


I didn’t do all that much this morning. I “slept” until roughly 10:30, and with having work at 1pm that didn’t leave me with tons of extra time. I was able to enjoy my breakfast unrushed, pack up all my stuff, shower, then head out the door.


I biked to work. It was a warm-ish day even though it started out overcast and dreary. It had rained earlier so the roads were damp and the air had that fresh, wet scent to it. I liked that it was overcast. It felt right.


I got a fair amout of stuff done at work. I messaged Terri to set up another training appointment. I messaged Marcus about his commission. I messaged Shrew about her cross stitch. I stitched a little bit on my brother’s gift. I started grading the Project 1 submissions, even got over halfway through them before the end of lab. I made sure to stay on top of my water intake, too.


After lab I biked to the gym. I ran on the treadmill today, not wanting to anger my shines. I also increased my run intervals to two minutes. I stayed at a slower pace, which was easier to do on the treadmill than on my own. I always want to go fast. That whole all or nothing mentality…


The slower pace helped a lot. The first few sets were almost easy, but towards the end I could feel the burn. I’m going to stick with the two minute intervals for this week and see how I feel next week in regards to upping my time again.


I did more lifting today. More upper body than I was able to get to yesterday. I felt really good by the time I left the gym, and I still had over five miles worth of biking left to do. Bring it.


According to my RunKeeper I biked 150 miles last month. 250 total if you include the two weeks of October. It’s a good feeling. November has over 40 activities. It’s cool to feel good about something and to “know” you’re doing the right thing. It’s always super awesome to have numbers that help support those feelings though. It’s quantifiable, and somehow that makes it more real, more ok to feel good about it.


I devoured my salad when I got home, and than guiltlessly cooked a burger to go with it. Zane wasn’t home, and when he didn’t respond to my messages I figured he was meeting up with Hannah to give her back her key or something to that affect. Instead of letting my brain be a terrorist I played Chime a bit more while no one was in the living room. I wanted to cool off from all of the working out nonsense that I made my body suffer through, and I wanted to keep my mind relaxed and occupied.


Zane did come home after about an hour. He had been trying to get in touch with me, but my phone was on DnD and silent, so even when his calls rang through I didn’t hear them.


We had awesome conversation before I went to shower. Bobby was supposed to come over to hang out which left me with free time to finish grading. Timing worked out really well actually. He showed up not long after I was done with the shower. I finished the last bit of grading, posted the grades and comments, then emailed Clavan all of the info he needed about it.


I’ve already gotten an email from him saying he appreciated my quick turn-around time. This is part of my attempt at being a better employee. A less depressed and burnt out employee. Not going to lie, I’m totally looking forward to the three weeks of vacation that’s coming up for the holiday season.


Anywho, after grading I ran out to the store. We needed dish detergent, and Zane wanted sodas to go with his lunch. We needed garlic, too. At last it was on the list. I thought we were fine with the jar we have, but since it’s Zane’s week for grocery funds I wasn’t going to question why he added it to the list. If he wants it, cool. I’ll pick it up while I’m out.


Soda ended up having a deal, three cases for $12. He better not run out of soda for the next forever with that much. Honestly, if he’s only drinking them for lunch it should last for at least a month, if not a bit longer.


I also got gas for the car while I was out.


And now I’m back home. I logged all my activities onto RunKeeper, which is why I was looking at my total mileage. Everyone is out in the living room playing Coup, being all loud and stuff. Scarlet is curled up next to me while I type all of this out on the bed.


I’m supposed to work on Marcus’ commission before calling it a night, but right now I really just want to turn onto my side and cuddle with my baby cat. So I think that’s what I’m going to do, until she gets tired of her human servant and moves on to more interesting things. Not sure how long that will take, but if I don’t end up getting to the commission I think I’ll be ok. I don’t go into work until 5pm tomorrow, so I have all of the morning to sketch my ideas out.


Hopefully tomorrow is as stable as today has been.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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