Daily Post 049: Retaliation


Yesterday was rough, but not due to emotional turmoil. My body decided to retaliate against me by having me wake up with a mild migraine that refused to go away. It was like that annoying “friend” who won’t take a hint and sits there constantly yakking at you as you try to diplomatically disengage yourself from the conversation…


I ended up messaging Clavan letting him know what was going on and asking if the headache didn’t go away by four-ish if I could take one of my remaining vacation days to stay home. It was that bad. The light that made its way through the sheets I was using to cover my eyes was painful. I didn’t even want to entertain the idea of having to bike to work like that.


Said headache didn’t go away until around 8pm, but it did end up going away.


That was the third day in a row that I woke up with a headache. The first one that was migraine level, though. Zane wants me to make a doctor’s appointment, but I don’t think I will. Not until the New Year like I had planned.


I think there were a lot of factors for yesterday’s migraine. Dehydration. Lack of deep, restful sleep. Air pressure change since about the time the headache went away was when it finally started raining yesterday. Who knows for sure though?


It’s also possible that this conversation went down while I was sleep.


Brain: Hey. So I know we haven’t been sleeping well, and fuck that whole drinking water thing. Let’s go to the gym again when we wake up! : D

Body: Haha… no.


One day I’ll learn that my body will always win… Yesterday wasn’t that day…


Needless to say I didn’t get a lot done. I eventually cooked the stuffed tomatoes, but that was about all I got accomplished. I spent literally all day curled up in bed, drinking water every time I had to get up. I was able to drink almost a whole gallon. In the beginning it was hard to drink more than a few sips at a time, but as the day progressed I was able to drink more at a time, and the nausea I was feeling eased up which made it easier to eat, too.


So yeah. Yesterday was a bunch of lame. Surprisingly I was able to sleep really well last night. I’m not sure when I went to sleep. After 8 before 10? I woke up at 3:30 which is when I cleaned the kitchen and did the cooking. I responded to a few messages on Facefail and emailed my mom.


Zane was a grouch this morning. Over tired. He’s already apologized for snapping at me, and I’ve apologized for the morning being rough for him. Empathizing really. I’m not going to be sorry that I woke up before he did. Or that he went to sleep later than I did. One of the pitfalls to sharing a room. We knew there would be nights like this, and while it may seem sort of rude or callous of me I’m not going to be sorry I woke up him by being awake myself. All I did was leave the room, and then come back later to get my towel so I could shower and get ready for work. It’s not like I was throwing a party in the room, or being obnoxiously loud.


I think it is a lot like the day he was calling out of work the week before last. I was super agitated with the noise he was making while looking for his supervisors number, and it wasn’t him I was mad at. It was just being over tired and, well… grouchy.


We seem to be ok through the text messages we’ve been sending each other, so here’s to hoping that the evening goes well.


I’ve already been to the gym and had my training with Terri. We added lunges into the routine today. ;-;


So much sad face. I was so happy that I was totally owning the squats, and those lateral raises didn’t stand a chance, and then she’s like, “Alright, 10 lunges, each leg.”


No problem. With how much leg stuff I do this is nothing. I got this.


Brain: Oh my god. I’m only at four and I’m dying. I got this. I got this. I hope I got this. I’m pretty sure I don’t got this. Two more. Come on. Pep talk. You can do it. Warrior Dash. Earth Dragon. Motivational stuff. Something other than lunges…


It was a good workout. She mentioned how I have really developed quads. Pardon me while my inner “Do you even lift, bro” self flexes like the body builder I’m totally not. I mentioned how it was most likely from biking so much. That and I’ve always had pretty good musculature in my legs from all of the sports my dad had me play.


It’s where I got most of my scars from actually. It’s not that I thought of sports as the Hunger Games or anything… It’s more that I really didn’t care what it took I was going to win… Or at the very least you were going to go down with me.


Possible over competitiveness might have been a side effect of the perfectionism I’ve had for most of my life.


Anyway, since training was so early in the morning I have a bunch of time before my lab starts, so here I am at work, procrastinating on actually doing work. XD


I guess now that I’ve caught up on my day of nothingness by writing two pages about it I can move on to actual productive things.



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