Daily Post 051: Moving Forward


The morning started off pretty chill.


I paid bills. I paid for new car tags. I updated the card on my Vimeo account so that charge can go through. I made sure I had money for the training sessions. At the moment I’m going to stick with one set. I could afford two if I really wanted to buy the second one, but that would make things sort of tight financially, and I would rather not worry about it if I don’t have to.


I finally got the text message from Verizon about trading in my old phone for credit on the phone bill. Actually I got it a few days ago. But we’ll go with “finally got it” because that’s more dramatic sounding.


It was actually a giant pain in the ass to get that off of my do to list. I first had to set up an online account, which took way longer than it should because every time I tried to complete something the system wouldn’t remember that I had filled something out, so I had to set the thing up three different times.


After that I had to go through the process of determining how much my phone was worth for the trade in. That required me to get information off of the old phone, which meant I had to wait for it to charge because it died because I wasn’t using it.


Of course after the phone was charged and I had the numbers I needed from it I had taken too long and the Verizon system had kicked me out so I had to re-enter all of the previous information again before I could get back to the part I was already on.


I had to reset the old phone too, but that wasn’t super hard or annoying. At last not when compared to everything else I had already gone through.


In the end it is guesstimated that the phone is worth $300. Verizon is mailing me a special box to return the phone in. I guess I also get a tax break for doing this. Woo? Not sure how that works yet, but I was able to print a tax form… so yeah. I’ll hand that over to Pitts when I get my taxes done in the new year.


After that giant ordeal I worked on the character sheet a bit more, making some of the changes Zane and I discussed the previous night and focusing heavily on spacing and positioning. I super like how it’s looking so far. Only a few more sections to tweak and then we’re good to go for the next game.


I ate and had more water before packing up and showering. I stopped at the gas station on the way to work like I wanted for the Gatorade. I haven’t had a headache all day so maybe it really was dehydration all this week.


I dropped my backpack off at school then headed to the gym where I ran, did a round on the weight machines, and wrapped up with 20 minutes of yoga. And I biked the 6 miles home. I’ve earned doing a whole bunch of nothing tomorrow.


Work was nice. I sat outside finishing off the first bottle of Gatorade that I had bought while eating a homemade almond protein bar. It has dark chocolate and coconut in it. It’s like an Almond Joy candy bar only healthier. : 3


I filled out most of the Empolyee Verification form. It’s only concerned with employment history so there isn’t a place to list my certification. I emailed Donna and asked if there was a way to count the scripts I’ve had online for download and the podcasts I create for my own YouTube channel as experience. Since it was so late in the day on a Friday I didn’t get a response from her. Most likely because she had already left, but that’s fine. I filled out everything else.


That actually made me feel really good because I had thought about procrastinating on it instead. Getting most of it over with helped me to feel good and like I wasn’t shrinking way from issues I didn’t want to deal with.


I worked on Marcus’ commission. I only redrew Bilbo to see if he liked the direction I was going with the pose. Marcus was happy with it, so tomorrow I’m going to resketch the image so it’s on one paper, rather than two. That sounds like a lot of work, but it really isn’t. I plan to use one of the light boxes in the art room to trace the two sections onto one page. We artist are tricky bastards like that.


I also made more progress on my brother’s xStitch. So all around it was a super productive day without being too crazy.


At the end I got to actually meet up with Marcus since he was on campus. We chatted for a bit and may even do lunch at some point. We mentioned it, but didn’t set a date or anything, so it might just be a nebulous, “eventually we’ll do this” sort of thing. I’m ok with it either way.


On my way out I actually saw Nicole as she was coming into the school. That was another thirty minutes of chatting. I didn’t mind, but I did excuse myself from the conversation as more people joined in, saying that I needed to bike home before it got too much later. Which I did.


I called Zane to let him know I was going to be running late and not to worry about me. The ride home was actually pretty nice. It started drizzling a little bit about a mile into the ride, but stopped almost as soon as it started. It was pretty windy too, but it didn’t slow me down all that much, and the compression pants that I bought did wonders for keeping me warm. I left my jacket on too, so by the time I got home I was pretty warm, almost toasty.


I finished off the second bottle of Gatorade while sitting in the living room with Zane. He’s still playing Fallout. I showered, ate, and sat a bit more before getting bored with watching the game. Not my type of story to be honest.


I came back to the room, figured out all the stuff I want to get done tomorrow, and then did a bunch of Googling to figure out when all of the places open so I can be efficient with my time. So the to-do list is all figured out. I’m going to try waking up at 7, which shouldn’t be too hard if I get to sleep in the next hour or so.


And here I am at the last item on my to-do list, writing my blog and feeling awesome for completing everything that I wanted to.


I’m making progress on several projects that are important to me, and that forward momentum is making me feel good. Exausted… but good. And with that I’m going to label today as done and curl up in bed with Scarlet while Zane stays up crazy late playing his game.


All of the bed are belong to me. >:3


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