Daily Post 058: The Rest of the Day


Not much to report, even though I made it through two to-do lists yesterday. A lot of it was running around, and I was completely spent by the time I got home. Maybe it’s because not much has happened today, and I plan on keeping it that way.


Yesterday started with taking Zane to work. Then there was the vet visit which checked out fine. Scarlet’s eye is doing much, much better. I came home and wrote while I had the chance to.


I made my to-do list and went about tackling it. I started out by going to the bank and depositing the money Zane gave me for the phone bill. I had already paid it with the credit card, so Friday when I get paid I’m going to be transferring that amount along with my “extra payment” to the card. It helps keep everything straight inside of my head when I do it like that. Certain things happen on certain days. Money stuff always happens on paydays.


After the bank I went to the gas station to put air in the tires since they were low and affecting the gas mileage. I cleaned out the car while I was there even though to be honest it wasn’t that bad. I hoped across the street where I got thank you cards for Carol and Donna to have my coworkers sign, a card for Donna from me, and Christmas cards for my mom, John, and Lio. I really ought to go back and get one for Jason, too.


I went to Sports Authority once the cards were taken care of. Since I spent so much on the tops and the arm band I had earned enough points this year to get $20 off any purchase. Since I’m biking so much at night I wanted to get a new jacket, something bright that would stand out more then the darkish green one I have.


I ended up finding one I really like. It’s a light blue, warm, and has the little slots in the wrists for your thumb to go through. I’m going to keep my other jacket because it’s a bit thinner. But I’m looking forward to biking home in my new one tonight. I’m hopping it’s cool enough to use it. That’s an odd thing for me to wish for, I know. It won’t happen often I’m sure.


Between the $20 credit that I had and the sales going on I got the jacket half off, so I was feeling pretty thrifty when I left the store.


I had been messaging Zane a bit and offered to stop at Bath and Body Works for him since he needed to get a gift for his Secret Santa thing at work and I was super close to the store. He said sure. Something tropical scented would work, and under $20. I could do that. I can girl at least that much.


Apparently I can’t though because the store that used to be inside of the mall closed. So much lame.


Since I couldn’t take care of that I went back towards school to put the cat carrier back in the storage unit. I took my gi with me too, the outfit I wear for aikido and taekwondo. It has been sitting on my closet shelf for all of these months. I still plan on going back into the new year, but having the space in the closet to fold my pants is nice. It keeps all of my stuff in one area rather than having to do some intricate dance around the room to get to everything I need. I would rather think of it as an efficiency thing rather than laziness.


I took a handful of shirts to storage too. My polos with the school’s logo on them, and an Army shirt that I got when my brother graduated boot camp. I don’t wear those often. And by often I mean ever. But I don’t want to get rid of them either. So to storage they went.


After storage I ran back to CVS to get a bow to put on the fridge at work. I had meant to get it when I had gotten the cards but forgot. I found the perfect one though. A big golden bow that would contrast nicely with the black and silver of the fridge.


By then it was time for me to get to work. I was starving. I hadn’t had anything to eat since 7am and it was almost 1pm. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but I’ve been eating every two hours for the past how ever many months. I was feeling sick and already having a headache form.


Traffic was awful though since classes were starting. And all of the fast food places around the school had massive lines. So I ended up not getting food on the way to work. Instead I parked in front of my building and went into the break room to put the bow on the fridge and set the cards out.


Ari and Bre where in the break room with a few people and asked what I was up to, so I explained my plan with the cards. Bre said that I deserved to get a card too since it was my idea. I brushed it off. I really don’t want anything other than for my co-workers to not hate work. I think the fridge will help with that. At least now we can have food. There’s even a freeze so I could bring some of those healthy frozen lunches and stash them at work. I could actually have warm food instead of a prepackaged tuna lunch every once in a while. Oh man. So much excite.


Anyway, I was already running on fumes from not sleeping well, still recovering from social weekend, and being out and about so much before work, and not eating. Let’s not forget that part.


Lab was super draining more because I had two people eat up close to an hour of my time each. Not that either of them were bad, I wasn’t prepared to give that much energy though.


After I was able to worm my way out of the conversations I asked Frank if I could get food. He was awesome and let me go. I offered to get him something while I was out, but he declined and side he would get something when I got back, which I was cool with.


I went to Wendy’s and got a chicken sandwich with a side of chili. Not the best food ever but I’m hoping the chili was a smidgen better than fries on the health scale.


I ate in the break room, enjoying my silence before going back and finishing up the lab. I figured out the Verizon box while I was there, so all that needs is to be taped up and shipped out. I signed the cards I had bought, and went online to purchase a cat calendar for my mom.


It’s sort of a tradition for us. My mom used to buy my grandmother a 365 day cat calendar for Christmas every year. After my grandmother passed away I started buying it for my mom. She always loved it when my grandmother saved cute cat pictures to show her from the calendar, and I wanted her to still be able to have something like that. So now I get it for her and we share silly cat pictures.


Since I have the cross stitch I need to mail my older brother I figured I would mail everything together in one box. Letters, gifts, and all. Down side… I don’t know what to get for my sister in law. We’re not very close, and we’re nothing alike. So I sent an email to my mom asking for her advice.


Yesterday was the day my mom flew to Vegas. So she no longer lives in South Carolina. She’s with my brother and sister in law and hours, days, away from me. It hasn’t sunk in yet, or if it has it’s merely information. I don’t feel much towards it at the moment. Knowing my luck it will hit on my birthday or something like that. Lame.


Regardless, I wasn’t expecting a reply from her yesterday since I figured she would be tired from traveling. I got a short note at the end of the day saying she would reply more later. It was good to know she made it to Vegas in one piece. I can worry a little less about her now that she’s around family.


By then lab was done. I got into the car and headed to Zane’s work to pick him up. When I had told him about the Bath and Body Works store being closed we made plans to go to the one near his work as a way to avoid some of the rush hour traffic.


We both were beat up from our days. We decided to do dinner while we were out. I got Chinese, he got ice cream… because that’s dinner… Regardless, it was nice to sit down outside and spend time together. He told me about some of the calls he took, venting about the frustrating ones. I listened.


When we were done we walked to the store and found something for this co-worker, stood in line for about 10 minutes, which felt like forever, then walked back to the car. There was a bunch of Christmasy stuff going on in the parking lot, including a children’s choir. I suppose I should mention the area we went to is an outdoors type mall thing. Tons of stores, tons of people, tons of traffic and crazy drivers who don’t know how to drive… Both Zane and I were glad that I was the one driving. He would have gotten hardcore pissed otherwise.


We went to Best Buy to see how many points we had accumulated for purchasing the PS4. Zane wants to get a second controller and a game for both of us to play. They had a crap selection for games, and the controller is $40. We’ve earned something like $20 with our points. We decided that we would check for games online at some point, but agreed that we didn’t want / need anything at the moment so we left to go home.


Zane went to sleep pretty much right when we got in. I wasn’t all that tired yet, but Zane was sleeping in the room and Trevor and Danielle were in the kitchen cooking, so I didn’t really have anywhere to go where I could be alone. I wanted to cross stitch, preferably in silence, and that wasn’t going to happen at the apartment.


I packed up and headed back out to school where I camped out in the break room. It was great. I’ve gotten pretty far on Bilbo. I was hoping to finish him off last night, but got too tired to make it that far.


I checked my email before leaving work and saw that I had the reply from my mom, but also a reply message from one of my blogging buddies who I hadn’t heard from in a few months. It was so fantastic to know she was doing ok. At least ok enough to write an email. I’ll be able to mail her cross stitch gift to her just in time for my birthday, which makes me super happy. I really can’t think of another gift I would rather have. Making someone else happy would make me way happier than receiving a material gift.


So that was awesome.


Eventually I went to sleep on the couch. I woke up at some point and went back to the room where Zane and I cuddled. He woke up for work saying how awesome it was to have slept for 12 hours. I made some unintelligible sound, rolled over, and proceeded to sleep my own 12 hour sleep. Which, yes, it was amazing. A long, uninterrupted sleep was exactly what I needed.


I didn’t make it to the gym yesterday. Or bike. And I really don’t care. With everything else I was able to get done, I’m happy.


Today is actually a bright and sunny day. I sat outside drinking my coffee (at one in the afternoon, but we’ll gloss over that fact) soaking in the warm sunlight. It has just the barest touch of summer warmth to it. It did wonders for me. I don’t feel crazy hyped up, but I feel warmer, more with it than I have the past few days.


I still feel a little tired, but it’s an awake tired if that makes any sense. Like, it’s a low key, low energy day, but there’s a positive vibe to it and I know it’s going to be a good day. A lazy recovery type of day.


I want to bike to school around 3 so I can get some sunlight in me on the way to work. Since it’s so warm at the moment I doubt I will wear my jacket, but I’m going to pack it incase I need it tonight.


I don’t plan on doing much of anything today other than going to my lab where I’ll work more on the cross stitch. I don’t really have a goal with it right now other than maybe finishing Bilbo and the first B in the title. I don’t want goals today though to be honest.


My main goal for this whole week is to just survive it. At the end of this week I’ll have three weeks of vacation. Three weeks of soul searching and figuring out all of these emotions that I keep having to put on the back burner. Three weeks of mostly being alone during the day and having the apartment to myself.


That’s my light at the end of the tunnel. It’s so close. Less than three days. I can do this. I can make it.


So with that I guess I should go so I can shower and get to work. I’m looking forward to my ride. There doesn’t seem to be much wind so I’m hoping it’s a fast ride.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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