Daily Post 067: Productivity High


I’m happy with today, despite my blunder with my blog earlier. I thought about waiting to write, but at the moment I am still awake. Like, awake awake. So it seems silly to wait and have all of these thoughts floating in my head. Might as well write now. I have the time, energy, and space to do it. Zane is asleep as is the rest of the apartment. Only the cats are up with me, watching me with curious eyes.


I got more done than I thought I would.


It started with waking up and having breakfast, followed shortly by “the lost blog”. I don’t know what happened. I was writing. I’m not sure if I finished writing. I think I did. Pretty sure I did in fact. I write everything inside of Microsoft Word before putting it on WordPress. So I think I finished writing then got distracted with something else and forgot that I hadn’t posted yet. So when I needed Word again for something else I hit command + a to grab all of the text then deleted it, because I was done with it. At least I thought I was.


When I looked at my blog later in the day I realized that I didn’t have my latest post, and by then it was too late to get any of it back. Guess I learned that lesson…


Anyway, I wrote, then went about cleaning up my notebook since I haven’t used it in roughly three weeks. I made my to-do list, keeping it fairly light for the most part. From there I made an appointment to get my car looked at. I believe I mentioned how the gas mileage has been on the low side. The breaks make a sqeaky sound sometimes, and I think the windshield wipers need to be replaced. I made the appointment for Friday at 1pm. I’ll be taking Zane to work, then having lunch at my sports bar like I used to, wrapping up the week, battle planning out the weekend, then get the car looked at.


I logged my bike rides from yesterday. I messaged a co-worker about meeting tomorrow. He had a question about my cross stitching and how I frame them. Since I am going to be on campus tomorrow I wanted to see if he would be available to meet up. We got all of that situated.


I called my optometrist to see about contacts. I had the thought the other night that I never see people wearing glasses at crazy mud obstacle 5k races. I’m not a huge fan of contacts, mostly because I don’t want to poke myself in the eye with weird stuff that doesn’t belong there. But the thought of losing or messing up my glasses is more lame. I figured I would call and at least get information about them.


Getting screened for contacts would be roughly $240 out of pocket since I’ve used all of my vision benefits already back in June when I got new glasses. Getting the contacts themselves could be up to $170 since I would need a different prescription for each eye. That’s way more than I’m comfortable with spending. I’m not sure how much the car is going to be. But I know $400 for eye stuff isn’t cool.


My benefits reset in April, so I think I’m going to tough this race out and not wear my glasses, or be very, very careful if I do wear them. In April I’ll use my benefits for the contacts since my glasses are still good.


After that mildly disappointing phone call I checked out my class online and made a battle plan for my assignments. By then it was lunchtime. I mixed everything together for tuna, then made myself a sandwich. I set up my calendar for the coming month while I ate, figuring out when I need to be on campus, adding all of my ad hoc appointments for this week, and figuring out when I want to take my day off since I’m schedule for 6 days each week.


With my month mostly figured out I started tackling my school work. I completed the reading for the first two lessons then began brainstorming for Project 1. That’s the playing card assignment where I have to come up with a design for the Jack of Hearts. I think I’m going to do something with Jack Sparrow. I have a rough sketch and some reference material already picked out. I also think I’m going to stick with a traditional medium this time ‘round rather than doing something digital.


I finally switched the bike seats back. That’s been on the to-do list for almost a month. I still need to ride around on my bike to make sure it’s the right height and situated properly, but the hard part is done.


Since Adam had responed to me about meeting tomorrow I went ahead and packed some stuff into my backpack so I wouldn’t forget it in the morning. I measured out the dimensions for the frame I want to make for Clavan’s cross stitch. When I have the car on Friday I’m going to be stopping at the storage unit to get my hack saw so I can cut the wood.


I typed up an email I wanted to send to my coworkers, asking for their support for my Warrior Dash. That took a bit of time, but I think it came out well. Zane liked it when I asked him to proof read it for me.


I unloaded the dishwasher since I ran it earlier in the morning. I printed out a character sheet since I’m going to be taking over a character in Zane’s game. We’re still working out the details, but I think it will be fun. I rewrote my blog while I waited for Zane to get home and cross stitched for a bit.


We ended up going to our sports bar for dinner since the stove still isn’t fixed. We talked about the character mostly and looked at what classes would fit her best. I think we’re going to go with Occultist.


It got a bit overwhelming towards the end. Trevor and Danielle ended up joining us, which would have been fine, but I was trying to read through all of the spells and stuff on the computer while blocking out the music, background noise and the conversation happening at the table. It was a lot of stimulation compounded with my confusion over what I was reading. I ended up giving up on it for the time being rather than trying to continue and getting more frustrated.


Zane and I cuddled for a bit after we got home which helped me relax and let go of the frustration. After about 30 minutes I got up to head to school. Zane is still doing his cat nap schedule, and I wanted to complete the recordings for my assignment while the school would be mostly empty. The perfect time for podcasting.


Originally I wasn’t going to stay very long. Just long enough to get the video I needed. I had planned to do all of the editing the next day. But one thing led to another and before I knew it I had edited all of the videos and found music that I layered into my Final Cut Pro file.


Since I was at school I took the time to go ahead and send out the email about my Warrior Dash. I sent it to myself first to test out the links and I’m so glad I did because the link to my fund raising site was messed up the first time. Yay for testing things!


I’m always nervous when I send something to the master distribution list. I’m worried that there will be a typo and people will think less of me. Or that something else equally as silly will be wrong. I’m hoping that I will get support from my coworkers. I’m hoping that I can reach my goal.


As I was packing up to go home Adam walked by the room I was in, so I got to talk to him early and show him the Quik Stik board that I use for my needlework. That led to a 30-minute conversation about needlework, threads, fabrics, and techniques. It was a really awesome conversation since I’m normally not able to converse with anyone about those topics.


And now I’m home. Zane is still asleep. He might be getting up in a bit, but he was pretty exhausted when we got home, so I’m not sure. He might sleep the whole night. I really ought to be asleep right now but I’m still riding my “productivity high”. I’m going to post this then most likely render out my video so I can go ahead and post it to my Vimeo in the morning. I could also cross stitch for a bit while I unwind and drink a cup of mint tea.


I have to be on campus at 11am tomorrow to sign my new contract, and I have lab at 1pm. I hope the second lab is a half lab and that I’m not needed for it. I won’t know until tomorrow though. Since I don’t have to meet with Adam any longer my day is a bit freer. Still a pretty packed day though.


For now I’m going to try to relax and slow down. I need to sleep at some point, and the sooner the better.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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