Daily Post 070: First Payment


Today is a better day than yesterday was.


I feel like I’m going to have a to-do list a mile long for tomorrow. I have 17 emails to go through now, and that’s not touching anything work related. I have to figure out why non US people can’t donate to my St. Jude fund. I have to work on my homework. I have to go to lab. I have to do things… and stuff… and I most likely should make a to-do list now, but I don’t feel like it, so I’m not going to.


It was hard to fall asleep last night. Zane went to sleep before me. Since I wasn’t tired I moved from the room out to the living room where I stayed on the couch. I was restless, antsy. Writing hadn’t helped settle me down like I had been hoping.


I ended up texting RB and Bard until roughly 3 in the morning.


I slept surprisingly well, though I didn’t sleep long. I was awake around 8:30am. But I felt rested. I felt like I had slept deeply and that I could take on the day. At least take it on better than I have been recently. No weird dreams to half recall. Just sleep. It was nice.


I stayed on the couch for a while. I was hungry and thirsty and even though I was awake I wasn’t ready to start the day. Zane ended up going out of the room after a little bit and we talked about what to do for the day.


Originally he had wanted to go back out the night before to finish the grocery shopping, but didn’t. So instead we made plans to have breakfast together after which he would drop me off at the laundry mat while he went to the store.


It worked out extremely well. Breakfast was good. Einstein Bagels again. I got a mocha coffee drink thing. It wasn’t super awesome, and it was way more than I wanted, but it was a nice treat. I don’t think I’ll get it again.


Laundry was sort of busy since it was earlier during the day than what I normally like doing. A migraine started forming, but it held off. I stitched while I was there, making pretty good progress. I have all of the women done and have begun work on the boarder. Over a quarter of the way through that.


After Zane and I got back home I cut up the veggies for the leek and potato soup along with a few of the other veggies we are going to be using through the week. I also made tuna and cooked the bacon for my breakfasts.


Zane had gotten me sinus medicine to see if that would help with my headache, so eventually, when I could tear myself away from doing chores long enough I took a dose of that. I think it’s actually helped keep my headache at a manageable level all day. That along with drinking a fair amount of water.


It feels like we’re going back to our routines and that the holidays are officially over. It’s nice.


Hannah was supposed to come over later in the day to watch movies, which sparked Zane to clean the restroom. I was able to get some of the piles around the dinning area and living room taken care of which helped me feel better. While I was cleaning I organized the stuff under the kitchen sink. The guys randomly toss plastic bags in there and put mostly empty bottles back instead of throwing them away. It felt good to straighten up that hidden area. It doesn’t look like a disaster when you reach for the Clorox wipes.


I also got Zane to put WD40 on the door hinges so it doesn’t squeak any more.


I haven’t put the clothes away yet, but I will tomorrow morning before work. There’s still a few things I want to throw away in the dinning room, but it is much better than what it was before. I got to clean up the fridge a bit, too. I even swept the kitchen floor.


Still a gloomy day, and next week is supposed to be the coldest week of the season so far. But I’m happy with how today went.


The soup got made. Zane is making Shepard’s Pie, finally, tomorrow. We ended up walking around the apartment complex a couple times. We might buy a volleyball to play a bit since the complex has a sand court. He still hasn’t gotten the shoes yet, but he said he will, along with the free weights so we can both use them.


Hannah did come over. We watched Mad Max which was a better movie than I thought it would be. We had Taco Bell for dinner. But that’s it as far as eating out goes. I’m so done with it. We have everything we need for this week’s meals and half of them are already made. There’s no reason to go out. There’s no reason to spend more money.


Zane actually gave me the first payment towards the money he owes me. $150. I’m sure there are emotions there, but right now I’m so tired that it’s just information inside of my brain.


And with that I think I’m going to go for now. I’m tired and I want to sleep. I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to, and I don’t know how restful it will be, but it’s the first time in a while where it feels normal. A natural tiredness rather than the exhaustion of insomnia. I’m going to indulge in it.


Tomorrow starts early and promises to be a busy day. And if the weather news is any sort of reliable, it will be a cold day as well. That’s a worry for tomorrow though. Right now I’m going to bundle up and be warm and cozy and rest.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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