Daily Post 073: Completing the List


11pm. The end of the day. It was a good day. A long day. A cold day. But I’m happy with it. All of it. Even the cold I guess because feeling like a bank robber on a get-away-bike was pretty fun.


I procrastinated on my homework for longer than I should have most likely, but once I actually started working on it I was fine. And I procrastinated by writing, which I think was something I needed to do, so no regrets. I’m super pleased with the way my concept turned out. Especially for only 3 hours worth of work.


I already have an idea for what I’m going to be doing for the back of the card. So now it’s just execution and since the first half has gone so well I don’t have the anxiety and fear over starting it.


I didn’t have any emails for work. At least none of the ones I was expecting. I don’t know when Clavan wants to do my yearly review. Hopefully soon so it can be done with. I don’t really have any goals for work this year aside from continuing with my degree, but I think that’s a pretty solid goal. I think that’s a lot more than anyone else in my department is doing.


I don’t feel like that makes me better or that I should be treated differently. But I do think that I’ve already dedicated myself to a pretty intense project and that I shouldn’t have to do four other things along with my degree. I’m doing one major thing rather than four small things. I think that should count for something.


Lab was uneventful. Not many questions so I was able to work mostly uninterrupted. Ari was on campus. We ended up walking around the building when her lab went on break. It was really awesome actually. Super chill conversation and a nice mini workout.


It’s sort of funny how I don’t count my bike ride to and from work as a workout anymore. It’s like it doesn’t even happen. It doesn’t count. So I’m back to feeling like a slacker since I haven’t gone to the gym these past two days.


I did message Terri. We’re on for training 8am Thursday, which is actually my day off since I have to work Saturday. Fun times…


I had a message from a former student. David. He graduated a while ago and actually got hired at a local studio, so he’s been in the area, and we’ve hung out a few times in the past. He had sent me a few texts over the holiday break wishing me well and trying to see if we could meet up at some point.


We couldn’t get our schedules to line up, so we said we would try for something in the New Year.


I had a message from him his morning asking what I was up to Friday evening.


“Potentially hanging out with you? : D” was my reply.


So at the moment we have tentative plans to get food around 7ish on Friday. He needs to double check his training schedule. I guess he’s been doing Olympic weightlifting technique classes…


So here I am feeling all proud and stuff about my Warrior Dash and wimpy little 5k race when he’s over there being Mr. He Man… I really need to up my game. >.<;


He might actually be going with me to the Warrior Dash. That was the last part of our messages so far. He asked if he could watch, which sort of confused me so I asked if he meant like watching it on TV or being there.


“Any of the above?” was his reply.


I have to admit, it would be super cool, like, amazing beyond words, to have someone waiting for me at the finish line. I’ve been thinking this whole time that I would be alone. That I would achieve this thing and only I would know. Only I would be there to share in it. Which in a way is good. It is a solo triumph for me.


There’s mixed emotions with it, and really, I don’t know if he was serious or not. Most likely won’t know until tomorrow. So until then I’m going to force my brain to leave that alone, which means I need to find a stock pile of q-tips.


I biked home after work and it was a fantastic ride. Slightly on the cold side, but there was no wind which meant I was able to make decent speed, and I finally got the bike back up to the highest gear. With my extended hiatus from biking during the holidays I’ve been using some of the lower gears. Not on the ride home though. That was the top gear the whole way. /flex


When I got home I ate, took out the trash, cleaned the litter box, made new protein bars since I had eaten the last one I had at work, unloaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the sink.


Zane called me on his way home from work so we chatted for a bit. I ended up showering before he got home. A nice, long, warm shower. We cuddled on the couch for a little bit. No TV or other distractions. After some time had passed Zane had me listen to a few songs on his Spotify. From there we had dinner and watched a few episodes of Arrow. I guess there is a cross over episode of Arrow and The Flash and Zane wants me to be caught up on both of the shows for it.


At the moment I’m back at school since I needed to bring my protein bars in. I had also left my backpack here, another factor into having an awesome ride this evening.


I’ve emailed the St. Jude people to see what’s up with not being able to accept donations from outside the US. Hopefully I hear back about that soon.


Didn’t do a whole lot else I don’t think. I was able to throw some more stuff away at the apartment, so the kitchen table is one step closer to being usable. I put RainX on my glasses so I can see through the sweat and tears… and I guess rain, but mostly it’s the tears that mess me up. XD


I cleaned out the car, too, though it wasn’t that bad. Just some receipts and a few empty soda cans from Zane. Still felt good to clean though, because cleaning.


I got to cross-stitch for a while already. Most likely will finish off the thread I have going and then call it a night once I get back home. That will give me a chance to finish off my bottle of water too.


I seriously did write down “Relax” on my to-do list today. And I’m proud of myself for actually doing it.


With that I guess I’ll call it quits and head back home.


4 thoughts on “Daily Post 073: Completing the List

    • Ok, so maybe “protein bar” is being a little generous? >.>;

      It’s a modified recipe that I found for homemade chocolate covered almonds. Only instead of taking the time to cover each almond individually I cleverly disguised my laziness as ingenuity by modifying the recipe to make bars instead.

      I use equal parts dark chocolate, coconut, and almonds. So if I’m doing a small batch it will be 1c. chocolate, 1c . coconut, 1c. almonds. If I want a larger batch I use two cups of everything. Keeps it simple and easy to remember for me.

      I melt the chocolate in a bowl in the microwave. A lot of people say they hate doing that because the chocolate burns. I nuke mine for 20 – 30 second intervals, stirring it for about 10 seconds inbetween each interval. After roughly 1:20 it’s completely melted and smooth.

      I add the almonds to the chocolate and stir until they are evenly coated. Then I add in the coconut and mix it some more. This is the part where we get to mentally cheer for ourselves because it has magically turned into arm day.

      Once everything is covered in chocolately goodness I take one of my Pryex glass dishes, put parchment paper in it (because doing dishes sucks) and spread the mix into the container. The container goes into the fridge until I feel like cutting the hardened chocolate almond bars into actual bars. Toss them in baggies and they’re a super quick, high protein snack.

      With my certified degree in Googling I can potentially misinform everyone that dark chocolate isn’t all that terrible for you. It has antioxidants, which is a super fancy sounding health term used purely to mystify and make understanding nutrition require a Ph.D. In laymen’s terms it means that dark chocolate can help clean out bad stuff in our systems.

      Dark chocolate is also a source of theobromine, which is a fairly interesting chemical and worth a read.


      Theobromine is the reason dark chocolate has a bitter taste, is poisonous to dogs, can cause lowered blood pressure, can be used as an aphrodisiac, and is able to help treat asthma. It’s less addicting than caffeine as well. : 3

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