Daily Post 074: Homework Done


I’ve been wasting the past 20 minutes on Facebook before realizing that I was… well… wasting time on Facebook. Why does the scroll wheel have to be never ending? That’s what sucks about it. It’s like the Energizer Bunny. It keeps going and going and going and going… until I’m found dead in front of my computer.


Luckily today doesn’t seem to be that day since I was able to close out of the tab, if just barely.


Today has gone well. I woke up and made breakfast for Zane and me. I packed his lunch as well. We weren’t able to spend much time together before he had to leave which meant I had breakfast in the living room, listening to the sound of the dishwasher running and drinking my coffee in the relative stillness of the apartment.


It was nice. Relaxing. I didn’t have my computer with me so I couldn’t worry about emails, or checking posts. All I could do was enjoy the moment. And the moment was nice.


Eventually I got up and changed so I could head into work. The ride was pretty decent. Cold, but no wind.


When I got to work I set up shop in the break room. Ari was there and we got to spend some time chatting before going about our own things. It’s been nice recently. I feel like we’re getting back to the friendship level where I don’t feel awkward around her. I feel like maybe we’ll be able to hang out without it being a bad thing.


I got the back of my playing card done before I had to go to the Shading and Lighting lab. I was super happy about that. It meant I was able to put together the creative brief for my assignment and post my files everywhere they needed to be.


If you want to see the completed project you can check out my Behance page.


I’m actually thinking about doing the whole deck of cards just for fun. I’ve already gone through and picked out characters for all of the face cards. And really, I think it would be a good goal for this month. It could be my art goal for each day. Spend roughly an hour each day digitally painting.


I haven’t settled on that goal yet, but I’m super thinking about it.


Lab was pretty uneventful. I made a new playlist for when I biked home. I cross stitched a bit after all of my homework was done. But nothing overly exciting to report or talk about.


I biked home. It was cold, overcast, and windy. Not a very fun ride. I played Chime a little when I got home, after eating and drinking a bottle of water that is. Zane got home not long after that. We needed a few things from the store. He had forgotten his wallet on the living room table this morning otherwise he would have picked up the stuff on his way home.  I wanted to go back to school to get my backpack and figured I could stop at the store on my way home, so I showered and headed back out into the world.


While I was at school I went to the art room to use the matte board cutter. I’ve been wanting to mail my own holiday box to my mom and brother, but I’ve been dragging my feet about finishing off the cross stitching. I needed to cut the mounting board for them so the stitcings can be framed.


Well, I didn’t have enough mounting board to do both of them, so this weekend I’ll run to Jo Anns again to use the last of my gift card. But I did get my brother’s done, so that was a nice feeling. I love being in the art room by myself. The lights were dim. Everything was quiet except for the little sounds I made here and there. The click of the pencil as I set it down. The sound of the blade cutting through the cardboard. My breathing.


I don’t know why the art room is different from other places, but it is. It feels sort of sacred in a way. Especially when it’s empty.


Once I locked the art room back up and put the key away I went to Publix for the handful of items we “needed” for the fish tacos Zane and I had planned for dinner. Since I don’t really do tacos I got chips instead to do a nacho bowl. I needed garlic for the lime sauce I was making to go with it. I got Andes mints while I was out for my peppermint tea. It’s been so cold at night that I’ve wanted something warm to drink. Something other than coffee because that would be an awful idea.


Trevor and Danielle had taken over the kitchen by the time I got back home so I had to wait before I could do anything with dinner. Actually, not only did I have to wait, I also had to clean up their dishes before I could do anything, but the positive thing I’m thinking about is how in a month and a half it won’t matter. They will move out and cooking dinner will not longer be a free for all brawling match with everyone trying to use it at the same time with a billion different dishes. I’m pretty sure the kitchen situation will drastically improve. Just have to hang in there a little bit longer.


And really, the situation isn’t bad. I’ve had my fair share of “bad”. This is just annoying because when I’m hungry and come home with groceries I don’t want to sit and wait my turn. I want to go ahead and continue on with my night doing what I want to do because I’m human and selfish like that.


But no. Instead I had to sit in the living room and actually talk to Zane. I mean, really? Why would I ever want to do that? Quality time? With him? So much lame. : p


It was nice. We got to talk about each others day. I got to talk about my race and how I’m starting to worry about it. It was a good talk, and by the time we were done talking Trevor and Danielle were done with the kitchen.


Zane cooked the fish. I cooked the cabbage a bit so it was softer for the tacos and I made the lime sauce. I think it could use more lime juice, but overall it wasn’t bad. The meal felt like it was missing something though. It just wasn’t all that heavy.


Zane mentioned pico would be awesome on it. Or some sour cream with tomatoes. I was still hungry so I offered to run back to the store for the additional missing items. Zane said ok, if I wanted to, so away I went.


Super quick trip. Returned home. Had a second bowl , which was a lot better.


Zane is currently napping. I’m supposed to wake him up in about 20 minutes. I’m getting pretty tired myself, and I have training tomorrow morning at 8am.


Clavan wants the grades done tomorrow before lab, which is at 1pm, but I’ve already put in my 8 hours today, and tomorrow is my day off. Normally I would do the grading regardless. This is the first time where I’m thinking about not doing it.


I want to state that the grades don’t have to be done. So not doing them isn’t a bad thing, it’s more of a, “I’m not being an over achiever” sort of thing. But I think I’m ok with that. I’m allowed to have my days off and not do work related things on them. That’s the point of it being a day off.


We’ll see. I might end up bored and do it anyway.


I talked to Zane about the money he owes me. He’s super short on money right now partly because he is trying to pay me back. I suggested that he can pay me $100 a month for a while, which will help him save money for his trip to California in March and let him get shoes and such without having to hold his breathe until his next paycheck.


I know I hate it when I’m constantly checking the bank account, worried that a charge is a dollar too high and that I’ll overdraft. What’s the point in working so many hours if at the end of the day I can’t indulge in a Gatorade from the gas station after my workout? It sucks. It makes things feel pointless and hopeless.


I don’t want Zane to feel that way. I’m cool with not getting $300 a month in pay back money. I’m not hurting for it. So $100 is fine. It’s something. If he feels like he can pay more, cool. Otherwise it can go to the Nik fund and the Apartment fund. I guess he’s already been looking at microwaves and other things we’ll need to buy. Got to love a responsible man.


I had a message from Alex this evening, too. He’s the guy I sent a card to during the holidays with the money order. He’s the one who gave me a lot of his furniture when he moved out to California. He was so grateful for the card and money. He said that I really didn’t have to do that, but that the money came at a time when he really needed it and that he couldn’t thank me enough.


I’m glad I was able to help him and that it made his situation easier. That’s what I wanted. To make things a little easier because he helped make things a little easier for me.


So yeah. Lots of good feelings. Lots of productivity and creativity. And right now, lots of tired. Totally going to go crash. And by crash I mean pester Zane since I’m supposed to wake him up.


One thought on “Daily Post 074: Homework Done

  1. I always enjoy reading about what you’ve been up to, even if I don’t comment 🙂 Glad to hear that things are going fairly well for you. As for the upcoming race, you’re going to do awesome! Mine isn’t til September, so I have a bit longer to wait/stress over it. Hope you have a great rest of the week! Take care 🙂

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