Daily Post 076: Routines, Bunnies, and Cat TV


I had forgotten how writing a prompt post seemed to start my day off “right”. There’s just something about stopping to reflect on an aspect of your life that really opens the mind. It makes me feel accepting about the day to come. So even though I haven’t written a daily post in a couple of days, I still feel pretty good and non-slacker like because I have written, just not the normal complainy stuff that I have been lately. I’m sure everyone is grateful for that. My brain included.




Friday was pretty good. I mentioned that Zane stayed home due to his hip being out of alignment (he’s doing better), which meant I got to use the car and be all girly and stuff. I enjoyed having a reason to do my hair in matching buns. I liked that I had nice cloths that I fit into and that I had a reason to wear them.


I left the apartment around 11am since there were a few things I wanted to get done during the day. I stopped by the bank to withdrawal the money I want to use for the next two weeks. Instead of use the card I’m going back to using cash. I took $60 for date day, $40 for play money (money specifically for me and only me), and then $120 for grocery since I had already spent a little bit of money for the fish tacos the previous night.


I got to see Connie at the bank. I had withdrawn the money outside at the ATM, but I wanted the little envelops to keep all of the different “funds” separate in my wallet, which meant I had to go inside and stand in line. It was nice to see her, and I liked that I was able to wish her a happy weekend.


From the bank I went to my sports bar for lunch. It’s the first time in a while that I’ve been able to go on a Friday. Even longer since I have gone by myself. I had my server again, and I was completely blown away that she remembered my usual order.


I took the time to clean out my notebook and get things squared away and organized before writing my prompt page. My food came and sat in front of me while I typed away, growing cold. I wolfed it down as I proof read my post, eyeing the time as it crept closer and closer to when I needed to be at work.


When I was done eating I paid with money from my “Me Fund”. I took the loose $1s in change and left them out of the fund instead of putting them back in the envelope. I don’t know why but I don’t like one dollar bills. They make using cash more annoying because you have all of these dollars, a huge stack of them, and you feel like a millionaire until you realize that you actually only have $10 and can’t afford much of anything even though your wallet is bursting. So much lame…


So instead I’m keeping the $1s that I get back in change separate and will be putting them back into my bank account at the end of the week. Maybe into my savings. Not sure yet. But it’s keeping my fund envelopes way easier to manage, so at the moment it seems to be working well for me.


Any quarters I get back I put into my coin purse to use for laundry money. Zane has already given me a $20 for our laundry fund since I’ve paid $40 over the past two months, so we’re good in that department for another month or so.


Anywho, back to Friday.


I left my sports bar, wishing my server a happy and easy Friday. I got in the car, headed to work, proud that I would make it there on time, only to realize as I was at the stoplight to turn into school that I didn’t have my laptop charger, or my cross stitch… F my life.


I called Frank, who didn’t answer, and left him a quick message saying that I had forgotten some stuff at the apartment and that I would be roughly 10 minutes late. He had apparently tried to call me earlier, while I was wrapped up in my writing, to see if I wanted anything from Jersey Mike’s. I was touched by his thoughtfulness, and frustrated with myself that in my preoccupation with having the car I forgotten to make sure I had packed everything properly for work.


I ran back home, got my stuff, and made it to lab in decent time. Not on time, but not horribly late either, and Frank was understanding about the situation. Lab was uneventful and all of the questions were pretty standard. I got to talk about referencing towards the end with a handful of students which was pretty cool. I haven’t been able to drop that knowledge on anyone in a while.


I typed up an email to send to Mr. Boss. That’s what we’ll call him. Or maybe Mr. Head Honcho. Yeah. Head Honcho. I’m going with it.


Anyway. I needed to reply to him about the 3D Blitz event and how I am interested in having the event for Hall of Fame, but how I didn’t think it would work very well with the changes to the programs curriculum. I sent my message to both Zane and Frank to get their feedback on it. After a few changes I sent my email off to Head Honcho and banished all thoughts of it from my mind.


I WILL NOT sit and fret over it. And if my brain doesn’t comply with that order then I’ll break out the q-tips. No mercy.


My brother had left me a voice message on my phone asking for information about the school’s master programs. I spent a bit of time typing up a reply for him along with suggested calls to action for him to look into.


By the time I was done with everything email / reply related, because there were other things I needed to do, lab was over and it was time to leave. I packed up and headed out to the car. Since I had wheels I went to Jo Ann’s for the mounting board I needed and more thread for the winter cross stitch I have been working on. I have gone through literally two skeins of thread on this project. To me that’s insane. It’s so close to being done though and I love the way it is coming along. It’s been very therapeutic to work on it, and I think I’m handling this winter season better than previous ones.


I used the gift card my mom got me for my purchase. I have 30 cents left on it. Seriously? You couldn’t give that back to me in change? I felt that was a little silly, but I’m sure there will be a skein of thread that I need for my next project that I can use it on. I wish the store was closer to my apartment. It’s a bit out of the way. But at the same time, if it was any closer I most likely would never have a paycheck. At least not one that went towards rent or anything responsible.


I stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up the non-perishable things Zane and I had come up with for the shopping list. Body wash, dish scrubs, paper towels. Stuff like that. By the time I got home it was about 5:30. I wanted to leave the apartment by 6:30 so I could make it to Burger 21 for dinner with David.


Since I had time to I boiled the eggs for tuna and went ahead and opened all of the cans, mixing in the relish, pepper, and mayonnaise. Zane and I chatted for a bit. I put dishes away and cleaned up the kitchen a little.


Before I knew it it was time for me to leave. So much running around. I was glad that I still had the energy to go back out. I didn’t want to ditch on this social event.


I pulled into a parking spot, turned the car off and sent David a message saying, “I’m here : D” just as I got a message from him asking, “Did I win?”


Guess it was a tie.


It was a fantastic evening. Good food and conversation that lasted until 10:30. We both complained about work. I guess things aren’t going very well in his neck of the woods in that regard. It’s not a money thing, more of a work environment thing. If you don’t like where you’re at or what you’re doing it really doesn’t matter how much they pay out. He’s looking for a change, and even though I don’t want him to leave Florida, I mean, who wants their friends to move away?, I hope he finds something that is fulfilling for him.


He’s still interested in the details about the Warrior Dash, so before we parted ways I promised to send him the details and we could plan from there.


Before I drove off I took a second to send a text message to Zane. I had offered to stop and get him something to eat on my way home if he was hungry by then. I didn’t know when I would be back, so it was sort of a nebulous offer, and if he wanted to take me up on it, that was fine.


Only… when I sent the message I didn’t look to see who I was sending the message to… so David got a message saying, “On my way home. I love you. See you shortly.”


“Haha wrong chat?” was my reply.


“Maybe… Pardon me while I die of embarrassment. Score for it being a relatively pg text message.”


We had a good laugh over that, but yeah, that totally happened.


I did message Zane but never got a response from him. When I got home I found him asleep in bed. We cuddle together for a bit. I wasn’t able to sleep deeply though and woke up around 12:30 when he did. We ended up going to Steak and Shake, his idea. I was still tired and wore out from super my super social and productive day, so I didn’t give my self shit for indulging as I sleepily trudged to the car in my pjs. In fact I gave myself bonus points for staying away for the whole car ride.


We came back to the apartment. We ate in the quiet stillness of the living room. No TV or roommates up and about. I went back to sleep afterwards where I slept deeply, soundly. Zane stayed up for a while longer and eventually fell asleep on the couch.




Saturday was a slower day than Friday and I was grateful for it. I woke up to Zane and Trevor talking in the living room, but didn’t get out of bed, because why? It’s warm here. /rolls over


Zane came in not long after I woke up. We snuggled for a bit. Other things may or may not have happened… the big take away from this section of my day is that we actually did, eventually, decide to adult for the day and get out of bed. The struggle was real.


We had breakfast together, a routine that we are getting back into and one that I am appreciative of. I don’t know why but it helps with that whole connectedness thing. We spent the morning in the living room where I wrote my prompt page while he worked on the map for the Pathfinder game later that evening.


It was a bright, sunny day. A warm day. A super nice day. But instead of biking I kept the day unrushed and took the car to work again. It gave me another day to dress nice and I enjoyed it. It made it feel like dressing nice the day before wasn’t for David, because it wasn’t, and I’m glad that I could erase the little bit of nagging in the back of my head that said it was.


I can dress like a girl whenever I want to damnit. It doesn’t have to be only when a guy is involved. >.<;


I had a few emails to reply to. Mr. Head Honcho wants to set up a meeting on Tuesday. A student wants to meet with me to talk about facial rigging and corrective blendshapes, so I replied to that email. I’m trying to set something up on Thursday. Clavan wants to have my yearly review on Wednesday… next week is going to be busy, on top of having an abstract piece due for my class. That’s the only thing though since I’ve already done the discussion post. Small mercies.


There was an email about a new class / program for faculty development that will be starting soon. It’s a Women’s Initiative for work which will help develop leadership skills and such specifically for women faculty. It seemed interesting so I asked Clavan if that could be one of my faculty goals for this coming year. I had a reply email saying he didn’t see why not. We’re going to talk more about it on Wednesday.


I cleaned my downloads folder during lab. I got the shopping list figured out the rest of the way. I think it’s going to be a relatively easy week for groceries, which is always cool. I sent David all of the information for my race so we’ll see if he’s interested in waking up at 7am on a Saturday. I got caught up on all of the messages I had on Facebook and my phone, making sure I wasn’t forgetting to reply to someone.


I took the time to clean up my blog a little bit. I’ve been wanting to restructure the menu on my blog for a while. I’ve wanted to make some static pages as well, that’s the Enlightening Leafs section, but have never gotten around to it. Well, no longer. I took the time to actually do it and I’m glad for it. I think it’s easier to navigate now, and I took out some stuff that I wasn’t really using.


I also got ride of a lot of the categories that I no longer use for posting, so when I’m writing my actual posts it’s not as annoying for me to label them. Yay for things being easier.


After lab was done I came home. Zane and I had lunch together while we figured out how the rest of the night was going to go.


His Pathfinder game was going to start at 6. We agreed that pizza would be an easy option for feeding everyone. I ended up sleeping for about 30 minutes to try to recharge before everyone started showing up.


It was a fun game even though my character didn’t do a whole lot. She’s still sort of an NPC at the moment. At least until this first chapter of the story gets done. Originally I wasn’t supposed to be part of this game at all, but one of the things Zane likes about our relationship is that he’s able to share his hobby of table top games with me. Zane understood why I backed out of Trevor’s game. I wasn’t having fun. But that doesn’t change the fact that he wants me to be involved in a game with him.


I was helping develop the storyline for this game and actually put a lot of time and effort into the character that I’m going to be taking over. So it just sort of worked out. I’m not all that involved right now, but I will be in a week or so.


It was pretty cute. There was one encounter where the party found a couple of evil, demon-ish, flesh eating bunnies. One of the characters, I can’t remember who, shot at one of the bunnies and missed, to which Hannah called out, “Oh man. You missed him by a hair.”


I shouldn’t have laughed as hard as I did at that, but oh man, was it perfect.


Hannah ended up missing her target as well, but that was ok because the bunny missed her, so she didn’t take damage. Somehow it came up that the bunny missed her by a much larger margin, so everyone was trying to figure out another rabbit pun to go with it.


I had been in the kitchen at the time getting another slice of pizza. “It missed you by leaps and bounds.” I said as I sat down, a sly smile on my face. I was totally proud of myself for that one. There were more groans and laughs while I just kept on smiling. It was a good night. : )


After we called it quits for the game we watched Kung Fury on Netflix. A short, 30 minute movie Hannah had mentioned. Oh my god. My eyes. I don’t even know what I saw. It was so stupid, so mind meltingly ridiculous that it’s its own type of awesome. XD


I didn’t think I would like it at all but I couldn’t help but laugh at some of the shit that happened. It was pretty awesome and if you have 30 minutes that you won’t mind never being able to get back I encourage you to check it out.


Zane and I went to sleep not long after everyone left. We both slept off and on which was annoying. Surprisingly I’m not tired right now and we both got up at 7:30. He got the chance to work overtime this weekend by going in today to test some new systems. We have plans for date day later, so this will be the third day in a row that I’ll be dressing nice. I think I’ll be all girled out by the time today is over and done with.


Please can I go back to my workout clothes and stuff? No more skirts and nice, dressy things? Pretty please?


It rained pretty hard last night. Like, thunder and lightening hard. So now it’s all cold and windy today. Super sunny, but not anything I want to go out and bike in if I don’t have to. So I’m sitting here, writing, and enjoying my coffee instead as I listen to the gusts outside rattle the window.


Another cute thing that happened yesterday… while Zane and I were in the living room before the game we were watching Scarlet. She has her spot on one of the chairs, and it is very obviously “her spot” by all of the cat fur the seat has accumulated.


She was grooming herself, licking her paw and then running it over her face. She started washing behind her ears and I said, “Oh. Cat TV says it’s going to rain.”


Zane was confused so I explained that one of the superstitious things about cats is that when they wash behind their ears it’s supposed to rain, and how even though I know it’s silly, every time I’ve seen it it’s been true.


Zane sort of laughed and said well since Shadow wasn’t washing behind his ears maybe Scarlet was saying that it would rain, just not here.


I waited a whole hour last night for Zane to wake up so I could tell him that Cat TV had been right. He groaned and jokingly said, “I hate you,” as he rolled over.


Jen – 1, Zane – 0


Like I said, it was a good day. Here’s to having another. : )


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