Prompt Page 007: Things and Stuff


Prompt by The Learning Network to combat WordPress.

Today’s Topic:
What could I live without?


What would I be willing to give up to help others? Why?

Not much.


And at first glance that most likely makes me sound like the biggest ass on the face of the planet until I explain that really, the only things I have are my clothes, the bedding that I literally just bought this past weekend, my cat, and the little bit of stuff in my storage unit.


Going on to further explain the storage unit. I moved into this apartment which was already well established. Trevor and Danielle basically own the kitchen with all of the cookware, plates, silverware. John doesn’t help by adding to what I feel is clutter. Pretty containers sitting on the counter taking up vital space, collecting dust. Fancy glasses that he doesn’t want people using for fear of breaking them.


I have my coffee cup, one, single cup that I use daily. I have my set of skillets which I’m so possessive over because they’re literally the only cookware I have kept. I keep them on my shelf in the pantry so no one else will use them. Out of the whole kitchen, I have three skillets and the glassware that I keep my food in for storage. That’s my contribution to the kitchen clutter, aside from food stuff like my sugar packets and coffee and my one shelf which still gets invaded from time to time which I unflinchingly correct.


Right Brain: It’s my one spot. Keep your shit off it.


The only things I really have in my storage unit are book cases, which there wasn’t room for in the apartment with everyone else’s furniture, and now, more recently, my brother’s stuff which I’m holding on to until he gets back from Germany. I have one container in there which has my silverware, the first and only set I ever bought before I moved to college, and a coffee table, white with flacking paint that I got at a Goodwill before moving as well. Some plates, purple, thick, heavy.


I don’t know why but all of those things are important to me. They’re the few things that I have held onto through all of my moves. They are the few items I still have from my mark into adulthood, and out of all the times I have down sized, all the times I have donated stuff away, I feel I am allowed to keep a few things. I have a right to keep my $15 coffee table with flacking paint.


The computer desk and computer chair in my room are actually my brother’s and I don’t feel I have a right to give them away. I’m pretty sure he’ll want them back. The one bookcase I have in the room actually has more stuff of Zane’s than mine on it. I keep my containers of cross stitch threads there, which I would like to see someone try to take those away from me. There would be a dead body on the floor and it wouldn’t be mine… Just sayin’…


The one self that I actually have books on is a hodgepodge of sketchbooks, ones that I have had since high school all the way through my most recent art classes. They show my progression, my phases through anime, tribal, weapons. All sorts of stuff. My metaphysical books, everything from gemstones and herbal almanacs to aura reading, books about Buddhism and chakras. And then the few books I kept from my time as a Computer Animation student. Acting for Animators by Ed Hook, a fantastic read. Stop Staring which is more about 3D facial workflow rather than rigging, but still an amazing resource. I have the second and third edition. I think there’s a fourth that I need to look into getting…


I have donated the six boxes of books that I used to have to the local library at home. All of the novels I read, the series that I loved so much and the ones that helped me survive through high school. I have lovingly run my fingers over their spines for the last time as I parted with those books already. After moving four times, packing and unpacking paper loses it’s appeal pretty fast. They served their purpose and so I felt it was time to move on, to let go of what I was holding on to. So they’re gone.


I would give up my desktop computer, and actually that is something that I’ve been thinking about doing more and more recently. I don’t even have it set up right now. It’s literally sitting on the floor in the bedroom under the desk, the monitors in the closet so I can have more work area. For how much I loved and cherished and was possessive over my desktop, I don’t use it anymore.


The last thing I really did with it was play Witcher III, a free game that I got from Frank, and really I feel it would play better on the PS4 that Zane bought than the PC, so I’ve been thinking about purchasing it for the system.


I would give up my desktop since I’m honestly not using it and that makes me feel pretty shitty because I was so angry with RB when I found out about the viruses on it. I spent so much time cleaning my computer up and feeling wronged over something that is basically a giant paper weight now. It makes me feel remorseful.


I don’t have a billion pairs of shoes. I have my old set of running shoes which I plan to use for my race in February. I have the new ones I’ve been training in. I have the pair I wear to work, and one set of sandals which I’ve had for three years now. No fancy stilettos, no sexy boots. Just practical, functional stuff. If I had to I could live with just the one set I’m training in… Maybe four sets is a little excessive.


I don’t have tons of clothes that I don’t wear. I might get rid of the polos for work. I don’t do the tours for the school anymore so I don’t need them, and since I’m not forced to wear them I don’t.


I need my backpack to carry my stuff to and from work. My work laptop is not my own. The bike is not my own. I’m actually taking Frank’s bike to the shop with me tonight to trade it in since I use Zane’s bike exclusively…


I guess the bookcases in the storage unit… I could get rid of those, too. I got those from the Reuse section at the Uhaul. Someone was throwing them away so I took them. I don’t really need them. I only need one shelf apparently for all of my book stuff, so why would I need three bookcases? I have no real attachment to them. They’re not the handmade bookcases of my grandfather’s which I originally had with me when I moved for school. Those are with my mom, safe and sound.


I try to live a minimalist life style. The things I have are important to me, and I keep them for a reason. That or they serve a specific function. There is very little I would get rid of because there is very little that I have.


I would, and have, gladly given my time and effort for people. I have made financial contributions to charities, good causes, even buying food for homeless people. I donate the unused cans in the pantry to the school’s food pantry for student’s who are going through financial hardships, or to the YMCA food drives.


But, honestly, I don’t have much, so as far as “things” go, I don’t have much to give. I got off the “treadmill of accumulation” a while ago.




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