Prompt Page 008: Waste Not Want Not


Prompt by The Learning Network to combat WordPress.

Today’s Topic:
Do I ever feel guilty about what,
or how much, I throw away?


What kinds of things do I throw away in a typical week?

Mostly paper from my notebook or junk mail. Plastic baggies from the almond bars I take to work or the sandwich bags Zane uses. Sometimes those get reused if they’re not super icky. Water bottles… carrot skins and other “unwanted” food product in the process of cooking. Pepper seeds, onion tops, fish bones, shrimp shells.


This week there were some cans since I used diced tomatoes in the baked ziti. Coconut milk can will be added to the list once I make the curry.


Cat fur when I vacuum. Really I feel that should be changed to “cat” since that’s what it feels like I throw out. I swear our cats have learned the secret to cloning through how much they shed.


While we’re on that topic… cat poo since the liter pan has to be cleaned. Q-tips and toilet paper rolls… Life doesn’t seem all that glamorous through this lens… but you get the idea I’m sure.


Do I ever feel guilty about what I throw away, or how much I throw away?

On the weeks were Zane and I are really bad about eating out I feel awful. Not only am I being slack with following the budget and not being mindful of my health goals / race, but it usually means something doesn’t get eaten at home and is usually thrown away because it goes bad.


I hate food waste.


Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate.


This video with John Oliver talks about food waste. It’s pretty eye opening.


Food waste so blatantly, well,  wasteful. I might as well set money on fire. It leads to a lot of not good feelings for me. There are others so much less fortunate and here I am making lame decisions and being so inconsiderate and thoughtless. So selfish.


There have been times were Trevor and Danielle have left rice in a pot on the stove over night so it gets icky and has to be thrown away. Could you not take the time to at least put your leftovers in the fridge?


Food waste is like sand paper against my skin. It really, really bothers me and I make an effort not to do it. I have food. I should be eating that food. I bought that food for a reason.


How much effort do I put into recycling or reusing things, instead of putting them in the garbage?

Trevor actually does recycle stuff, so at least we have that going for us. All of the cans and glass bottles, cardboard and such, those get taken to his mom’s or some place on the way to her. I’m honestly not sure what all happens or how it’s taken care of, but we put recyclable stuff into big trash bags, and every so often Trevor takes them away to Recycle Land. At least that’s what I’m told.


When I was driving to the YMCA instead of biking I would take all of my water bottles and stop at a Whole Foods on the way to recycle them. Now I let Trevor do the dirty work I guess. Or is this considered clean work?


I guess I could take the paper I’ve been throwing away and bring it to school with me instead. Since we’re an art school we go through paper like crazy. We’re conscious of that and have special bins for paper materials to be recycled. That’s something to think about on my part. We’re always able to do things better as long as we’re open to new ideas of ways of doing things.


Zane and I want to start a little outdoor garden when the lease renews. I might look at doing a small compost thing for the extra veg bits. My grandparents used to have a compost heap in their back yard. That would require a bit more research, but it’s a thought. It’s something I would like to do because I don’t like throwing things like that away, but when you live in an apartment and not on a handful of acres of land options can get kind of limited.


What do I think should happen with all of the hazardous electronic equipment that has been generated over the past few years?

Things… and stuff…?


I’m not really sure. They could be taken apart for the components. I’m sure there’s tons of metal that could be reused. I don’t know enough about the process to really comment on it intelligently, though, and at this specific moment I don’t have the time to do the research needed, what with having to go into work shortly.


I do think that more should be done in an effort to recycle. And I say that in a general sense. No offense is meant to the people already doing stuff who may be reading this and thinking, “I already do x, y, and z. What more do you want from me? Rawr /rage quite”


As a whole Americans suck at recycling, not being wasteful, and caring about the planet. Myself mostly included. It would be nice if, as a society, we took the steps to actually make a change rather than complaining about things and doing nothing.




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