Prompt Page 009: He Said She Said…


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Today’s Topic:
Do I ever eavesdrop?

Do I ever eavesdrop on strangers?

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.16.50 AM

No. Do I hear other people’s conversations? All the time. Which is more annoying that you can believe as an introvert. I want my peace and quiet and you happen to be audioly intruding into my space. I wonder if that can count as ear rape, or maybe brain rape since by the act of purely hearing something my mind beings to process information.


I do hear conversations that are not my own. I don’t secretly do it, though, so no. I don’t think of it as eavesdropping. I don’t walk up to a closed door and put my ear against the paneling, hoping to make out the muffled sounds. Most of the time I’m in my room clearly able to hear not only the conversation, but also the TV dialogue without even putting effort into it.


Strangers walk by talking full volume into their cell phones about whatever appointment they just got out of, or how they can’t believe he said she said…


I am constantly bombarded by sound. More often than not I have to put effort into not hearing rather than into being a ninja and tuning into something secretly. If I can hear your “private” conversation through my headphones, which actually are playing music at the time, then it’s your own fault everyone knows about your private life.


There is a lack of discretion in the world now, and I feel that is actually making eavesdropping a dying art form.


What is an interesting conversation or tidbit I have overheard?

There are so many. Over the weekend I heard that the wife of one of the bike mechanics is recently pregnant. She is signed up for a bike race, and apparently has been cleared by her doctor to participate without any danger to the baby. Warm fuzzy feelings for the soon to be parents.


Have I ever eavesdropped on people I know, like family members? Do I think they would have been upset if they knew? Were there any consequences to my eavesdropping?

Stating again that I don’t eavesdrop, but yes, I have heard conversations that weren’t meant for me. I’m not sure if they would be upset. Most likely. I’m sure it would have been seen as an invasion of privacy. To which I would point out that having normal level conversation in the living room while other people are home isn’t very private.


I don’t remember there ever being consequences for the conversations I have heard. But you never know. I love you Karma, please don’t hate me.


How do I feel about eavesdropping on strangers versus eavesdropping on people I know?

All eavesdropping is wrong. It doesn’t matter if it is a stranger or a close friend. If someone is whispering something to someone else, that information isn’t meant for you. If a friend of mine gets up and walks away to answer a phone call outside, that information isn’t meant for me. I’m not going to follow them to the door. I’m not going to lower the TV so I can hear better.


At the same time, I’m not going to feel bad if I am able to hear what they are saying under normal circumstances. If you go out side, shut the door, and I can still hear word for word your side of the conversation over the TV then you must not be all that worried about being quiet, or not having other people hear.


I’m not going to feel bad for being sensitive to sound and observant and picking up on what’s going on around me.




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