Daily Post 083: Back to the Gym


I’m at work, halfway through my day, and I’m happy to say that it has been productive and fairly “up” so far.


Yesterday was rough with how tired I was. I did end up napping in the break room for roughly three hours. Off the clock. It wasn’t the best sleep ever, what with using my backpack as a pillow. But it was so much better than nothing, and I think that was the only reason I was able to make it through the day.


When I woke up I clocked in, checked my email, wrote a prompt post, printed, signed, and scanned some stuff I needed to email back to people. I posted an image of a cross-stitch I did a while ago. I have one more to post and then I’m all caught up.


I ended up beginning work on a script to help me automate my commenting process while I’m grading. I actually got pretty far with it since I kept working on it while I was in lab. I ran into a handful of issues that I wanted to kick myself for.


Me: Did I seriously just make that mistake? I’m such a noob… ;-;


But I let those feelings go instead of letting them linger. It was nice to be coding again. And using classes. Huzzah. I haven’t needed to make a class for really any of my coding projects, so it was nice to use some higher level stuff, not that it’s really all that hard to me now, though I can remember when I was interning with Clavan and was completely lost because I didn’t understand half of the things he said to me.


It’s always interesting to look back and remember where we started and to see how far we’ve come. What used to melt my brain is sort of second nature to me now. It’s a good feeling.


So yeah. Coding happened, which was nice, but by the time I got to a good stopping point I was seriously ready to stop. My brain felt like it was leaking out of my ears. Tired. Hungry. Thirsty. Add, “mentally beaten with a metal baseball bat” to the mix and we can label it as a full day.


I had to wait for Zane to come pick me up from work. I knew that wasn’t going to be all that fun. Nik got engaged, so Zane has a lot to work through with that. I played Bejeweled 3 on my computer until he got to me because I didn’t feel like I had the mental ability to do much else.


Zane actually started training on a new system at work, something to do with 401k. So now he’ll be able to take those calls along with the pension calls. I guess his supervisors are really happy with his performance. He’s supposed to start another training course in March, though I don’t remember what it was for.


All of this means he’s getting a bit of overtime this week. Woo.


We weren’t really sure what to do for dinner last night. Neither of us was up for cooking. Luckily we didn’t go out to eat. Instead we went to the store and got soup and the fixings for grilled cheese sandwiches. Talk about comfort food. I think it was what we both needed.


I ended up having a pretty massive headache during the evening, of course because I’ve been slacking on my water intake. And I really have no one to blame but myself for it since I literally had two bottles of water sitting in front of me all day yesterday as I coded.


Left Brain: You can have water once you get through this section.

Right Brain: We made it through the section! Yay!
Left Brain: Yeah, but look at this other section. It shouldn’t take too long. Let’s get through that part, too, before we lose the flow.

4 hours later

Right Brain: We’re going to die. Starve. Wither away to nothingness…

Left Brain: No we won’t. One more method and this can be completely done…


That’s pretty much how it goes when I get caught up in something. I know that I need to eat. I may even register that I’m hungry sometimes. But… Just one more thing. I promise. I’ll drink water in a little bit…


Because of my one-track mind I spent most of last night feeling sick. The soup helped. I took Advil and drank two bottles of water before going to sleep. I slept on the couch with an ice back on the back of my neck. I think that helped. Even if it didn’t help, it felt amazing.


Zane gave me the money he owed me for the blanket we bought last weekend. He also gave me $50 for my Warrior Dash fund. I added Marcus’s money to it as well. The extra money he gave me for his commission. With those two added my fund is only about $100 from my original goal. I’m still aiming for the $500 mark. But $300 would mean I could shower after my race, which is what I’m really striving for. And by striving I mean sulking because I don’t know how to diplomatically remind the 5 people who said they would donate to my fund that they haven’t yet and that my race is in roughly two weeks. >.<;


Arg. I’ll figure that out. I think I’m going to send out another email this week at work since it’s a payday Friday, and also post one, maybe two more times, to Facebook and call it quits.


This morning started pretty well. Zane woke up and got dressed before coming out to the living room to wake me. We had agreed that I would get to have the car today to pick up the bike, which meant that I had to take him to work. We didn’t have time for breakfast, but I wasn’t really hungry yet, so it worked out.


The drive to Zane’s work was a bit annoying since we left later than what he normally does. More traffic… boo… But we made it to his work on time and without running anyone over, so that was a plus in my book.


I made it back home where I began cooking the rice for the curry we’ve been slack about making. I also started cooking the bacon so eventually I could have breakfast. Once those things were going I cleaned off the kitchen table a bit since I wanted to have a spot to set up my computer while I was doing all of the cooking. At the moment there is 1/3 of the table usable. An improvement, even if it is a small one.


I made a cup of coffee and sat down to be super productive, which quickly dissolved to chatting with a handful of people instead. I don’t really regret any of if. I enjoyed the conversations, but I didn’t get my blog done, or my prompt page, which I had been hoping to do.


I did donate the $50 for Zane, and the $25 for Marcus. I also got everything cooked and put away. The dishwasher was in the middle of running, so there is a small pile of dishes in the sink, but I plan to take care of those when I get home.


Oh! Maintenance came by and fixed the dishwasher yesterday! Huzzah!


They also put new weather-stripping around the porch door. It’s pretty hardcore looking, most likely because it’s all nice and shinny still. It should help with keeping the power bill down in the summer.


I ran out and picked up the bike. Got it back to the apartment safe and sound. I took a few seconds to spray WD-40 on some of the doors in the apartment to combat the squeakiness I constantly hear. I showered and was in the middle of packing up for work when there was a knock on the door.


Maintenance was back to take a look at some of our windows since Zane noticed they were really drafty. I couldn’t stay or I would have been late to work, but I’m hoping they are able to fix that issue as well. I think that would make Zane happy.


My mom called while I was heading in to work, but I wasn’t able to answer. I plan to call her later tonight to chat for a bit. She said it wasn’t anything important, just her missing me. I’ve gotten caught up on all of the blogs I follow and my work email. Next month’s schedule shouldn’t be too bad. 1pm to 9pm Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. 5pm to 9pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.


I think Tuesdays are going to be my days off. Not sure yet.


I had an email saying my domain was about to expire, so I went ahead and renewed that for another two years. $25 for that. I also took a few minutes to update all of my information with GoDaddy since I’ve moved three times and had to replace my debit card since the last time I renewed.


One of the animation interns came by earlier during lab to talk about facial rigging and corrective shapes. He’s doing really well with the rig and the issues that he had were pretty minor over all. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the information I gave him.


I have an email I want to reply to, and I would like to set up my calendar for next month, but that’s about all I have left for work today. Lab has been pretty quiet and uneventful.


Aside from calling my mom back I want to go to the gym after work, before picking Zane up. I’m not sure what I plan to do. I’m having a little bit of anxiety over it since I haven’t been in so long. Years. Eons… ok… not really, but it feels like it. It feels like I’m a failure and I shouldn’t show my face there, even though I know that’s not how any of it is.


I was thinking about going for the sauna, and allowing myself some time to relax, decompress. This is the first day that I’ve really had any alone time. My weekend was nothing but social, along with fighting, and all last week was one trial after another. The more I think about it though, the more I want to “do” something. Running maybe. Or rowing. Rowing would be a pretty solitary thing. Or yoga and then the sauna… I have options and I’m going to keep it open rather than giving myself crap for not having a plan.


The big thing is that I go. That’s going to be the hardest step for me. Going through the doors. Once I’m there I’ll be fine. Once I get back to my routine tomorrow with biking, I’ll be even better. Right now I just need to get there, prove to myself that no one is going to shame me for being a slacker, and move on with my life rather than stewing about something that’s not going to happen.


After the gym I have to pick up Zane. Since Sam got the job in Canada she wants to get dinner tonight. One last outing before she leaves. She mentioned that she wants to get rid of some stuff, so I might be buying a few things from her, but that’s still up in the air. We have tentative plans for dinner at 8, which will give Zane and I a few hours together.


I think Hannah is supposed to come over tonight to hang out with Zane while I’m gone. I think that would be for the best. I know he doesn’t want to be alone right now.


There’s a lot of soul searching I need to do in that area, the “Zane and me” area, but I’m not really interested in doing it right now. I’ve been having a good day. A calm day. Restful, and mildly restorative. I don’t want to do anything emotionally hard right now, so I’ll table that for another day.


And with that decided I guess I’m off to go finish up my work stuff.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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