Dragon’s Horde 0053: Karma



Title: Karma
Artist: Jennifer Conley
Medium: News Paper / Magazine Cut Up


This was the final project I created for my History of Visual Communications class. The objective was to create a poster around an inspirational quote. I was at a lost as to what to do at first to be honest. I didn’t want to do anything overly organic and creative. I didn’t want something super touchy feely. I seemed stuck in left brained mode and the thought of having to make pretty, flowy lines around something super sentimental didn’t seem all that appealing.


I was at the laundromat trying to ignore the news that was on since it was all about people getting shot, or beat up, or any number of other depressing things reaffirming the fact of why I avoid the news when I can.


It made me think about karma and how those people would reap what they sow eventually, but also that the people who are being forces of good would also reap what they sow. Karma isn’t a purely negative force even though the only time we really hear about it is when we are trying to comfort people who have been wronged. Karma rewards those people who go out of their way to make the world a better place.


To show that karma can be inspiring, I used a cute, sort of sarcastic quote that I enjoy.


“I saw that…”

~ Karma


I didn’t know which art style to go with until I started thinking about karma and life in general. Life is messy and chaotic. It doesn’t pull from only one area or facet. It’s not a “style” like art deco, or post modern. It’s everything. It’s every color, every style, and so I decided to do a cut up composition from news paper and magazine clippings.


It was actually an amazingly fun experience. This is my first cut up and it forced me to analyze the ads and articles I was looking at. What was the color choice, the font? What was the purpose of the text? Did I feel it could be improved on or was the ad successful in my opinion?


It really made me stop and think about all of the concepts I have been learning in my classes, reinforcing them.


It also helped that this style dealt more with straight lines and geometric objects. I got to arrange them how I wanted to tell a story. It wasn’t until I had already started gluing words down that I realized I could make phrases which emphasized the original quote. Sort of like subliminal messages. I got to pick through all of the words I had cut out through over 300 pages of print. There were duplicate words, words I loved, words I didn’t remember cutting out, words I couldn’t believe I had cut out because I wouldn’t use them in a million years. There were different colors, different fonts, different sizes. There were missing words, lost words, words I wish I had found or realized I would have wanted.


It was great taking what I had before me and making something from essentially junk clippings that most people would trow away.


It was a fantastic learning experience, and a great craft type project where I actually got to get my hands dirty rather than keeping everything clean with digital art. I can honestly say even if it’s not “original” or whatever negative things people may say about cut up art, this has been one of my favorite projects for school so far.


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