Dragon’s Horde 0054: Kiss



Title: Kiss
Stitched by: Jennifer Conley
Completed: January 1, 2016


I honestly don’t remember exactly when I completed this cross-stitch. We’ll say that I finished it at the beginning of this month. This is the project I kept complaining writing about. The one I was trying to use as a country keeper topper, only to discover the company who used to sell the jars the size the pattern called for doesn’t make the jars anymore, and standard mason jars are too small to use the 5×5 design…


So right now I plan to frame this guy for mom. Hopefully she’s not one of the secret people following my blog under some weird alias. I haven’t had anyone called “crazy cat lady” follow me so I think I’m good. : 3


If you are reading this mom, I love you! Act surprised when you get this. And I don’t really think you’re crazy… ok… I don’t really think you’re that crazy… >.>;


Overall this design wasn’t too bad. I changed the original color of the kisses to the silver thread. I also changed the backstitched words to the blackish-brown color instead of the blue the pattern wanted to use. The blue didn’t pop enough against the lighter silver in my opinion.


I might do this one again just to see the original project to fruition, but if I do it won’t be for a while. This one did nothing but fight me every step of the way so taking a break from it for a while would most likely be for the best. It was cute. It’s done. I’ve already moved on to my Spring cross-stitch. Let’s label this as a success and keep on going.


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