Daily Post 091: Almost Recovered


I have 20 emails to read through. Most of them are from blogs I follow, so it really is just reading for the most part. Maybe some small replies, but I don’t think many of them will be epic novels.


I’m still sick. It’s the “sort of” sick where you actually feel fine but as soon as you go and do anything all of your energy is sapped and you regress back to where you have to fight off whatever plague you have all over again for another week, until you get back to the “sort of” sick point in which the cycle repeats itself…


At least that’s how it normally goes for me.


So… Instead of doing that I’m forcing myself to stay home today and not go to the gym like I want to. The struggle is real.


I stayed home yesterday and watched Boondocks for a little while in the evening when Zane got home. Before that I played God of War, the original game, all day while checking on my dragons every so often. Still keepin’ the pimp hand strong in Dragonvale.


I did end up going into work Monday. Clavan asked me if I was ok, to which my reply was, “I’m sick,” because there was no way I would be able to pull off faking health. I looked and felt like crap. David wasn’t able to be there because it was President’s Day and his day care had shorter hours than normal. So he got to stay home, Clavan ditched on me so I was in lab by myself for 8 excruciating hours. His parting words to me were, “You’re awesome.”


The bitch in me was like, “Yeah, I am. It would be nice if I had my raise.” Because I still haven’t gotten that yet.


I used the bike rack Monday to bring the bike home. The back wheel is still messed up. I think it’s an alignment issue because the wheel only drags against the break pad in a certain spot, sort of like what the original issue was. It’s frustrating, and I’m actually thinking about taking it to a different bike shop. I love the sales floor guys at the place I’ve been going to, but the service the past three times has sucked and I’m sort of tired of having to go back and look like the chick who can’t take care of her bike.


I can take care of it, but only when the problems actually get fixed like what I pay for. : /


I’m also sort of tired of dropping money on the bike since for as much as I’ve spent I could have bought a new one and actually own my own rather than “borrowing” Zane’s.


We had a wicked bad fight Monday night which is why I’m a little sensitive over that.


Anywho, Zane stayed home today because he’s super sick now and didn’t sleep at all last night. At first my introvert was going to flip shit. I wanted my alone time where I actually got away time from literally everyone. No roommates, no students, no co-workers, no companion…. That doesn’t work when the companion you’re trying not to breakup with stays home and constantly asks if you’re upset.


Irrational Brain: No. I’m not upset. But now I’m pissed because all you do is think I’m upset and dictate at me what my feelings are rather than listening to me when I tell you I’m fine. /rage


He took sleeping pills though and is currently passed out in the room, so it’s still sort of like having an introvert day. I’m hoping there’s no fighting when he wakes up. I’m hoping he feels better, too, because whatever it was sucks. I’m still coughing and clearing out grossness.


At this point I’m sincerely hoping that we don’t start a match of bio-warfare ping pong where we pass this thing back and forth to each other. I may or may not need help hiding a body later if that’s the case. *


* Meant to be a joke. Please don’t call the FBI or have SWAT repel down my apartment building, even though that would be mildly cool to have happen in a “That makes for an awesome story” sort of way. I honestly, truly would rather not have that happen to me and whole-heartedly promise that I would not kill and / or harm Zane (much) if he got me sick again. Your understanding of my sense of humor, as morbid as it is sometimes, in greatly appreciated.


I don’t have much planned for today other than trying not to go crazy from being still. I’m going to go through my mountain of emails, maybe go to the store finally. I don’t have homework to worry about which is awesome. I don’t have anything work related to do until Saturday because of the Hall of Fame events going on at school.


Just trying to take it easy so I don’t regress back to the pile of death I felt like all weekend.


It made me feel better yesterday that Zane apologized for how he treated me over the weekend. He said he hadn’t realized I felt so awful, but now that he knew how it felt he was sorry. There was a reason I slept pretty much all of Saturday and Sunday. I really couldn’t do much of anything else. I don’t wimp out or “play things up”. If I say I’m sick, it’s pretty serious. I don’t admit to weakness, which is what I think being sick is, and when I do I definitely don’t need someone saying shit to make me feel like I’m not pulling my weight.


Tentatively Zane and I have plans to rain check our Valentine’s Day this weekend. Sushi and Deadpool. With him being sick right now I’m not sure he’s going to be up for it. I guess we’ll see how that plays out. We’re saving Seaworld until after everything with the apartment gets settled since I’m worried about money. What else is new? If I didn’t worry about that I wouldn’t be me.


I’m pretty much just rambling now so I’m going to go. Enjoy the day for me. Go out. Do things. Smile. Hug someone. : D


One thought on “Daily Post 091: Almost Recovered

  1. Deadpool was great! Hope you’re feeling better soon. I think I’m coming down with something similar. Spike’s had it for days now. Probably got it from him. It’s enough to make me feel like garbage without being a good enough excuse to stay home from work. It’s made the last couple of days just. super.

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