Daily Post 092: The Thursday I Forgot and Other Good Days


I spent the past month thinking John was moving out this weekend, but that’s not the case. Somehow I got it mixed up. He moves out next weekend, so I still have a week to survive. Less than a week now since it’s Saturday. It’s the legit countdown. So looking forward to it.


The past few days have been pretty awesome. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I was still sick so not much happened. Zane has also been sick, but we’ve both been feeling better and recovering fairly quickly. Huzzah.


I don’t really remember Thursday all that much. I don’t think a lot happened. We both stayed home. I found Hoard on the PS4. Or rather Zane did after I mentioned it offhandedly again. It’s only for rent because PS4 is lame, so I rented it for a week. $5, but worth it. I hadn’t realized how much I missed that game. I remember staying up literally 16 hours straight playing all of the maps to earn gold metals on all of them when I lived with Mother Earth, Josh, and RB. My pseudo-family.


There’s no local multi-player mode which sucks, but it’s not Zane’s type of game so I suppose it’s not as much of a loss as it could be. It is sort of annoying that there’s no way to own the game… But since I never really have the urge to game as much as I used to I guess it’s not all that bad.


Eh. Whatevs. Anything where you can fly around as a dragon terrorizing towns and kidnapping princesses for ransom can’t be teaching bad things to kids. : D


Oh. Thursday I got my eyebrows done. That was painful, but something that has been on my mind since December. Mildly vain of me, but I’m ok with that. The beautician I had commented on how I had really nice natural arches.


Thanks, I think? That’s a compliment right? It’s a good thing? I’m not girl savvy… When she asked me what I wanted done with my brows my response was, “Make them less scary?” Yeah… that’s how not girl savvy I am. I didn’t know you could “do things” with your eyebrows other than shave them off to paint them back on. If I’m to “don’t give a fuck” to brush my hair half the time and hide that fact by wearing a bandana I’m not thinking I’m going to expend the effort to put paint on my face everyday either. Just a hypothesis. Not really wanting to put it to the test.


I went to the store Thursday, too. Zane and I had talked about doing a full grocery trip but decided against it since it was only a day before his paycheck and his turn to do grocery. Instead we agreed that I would get some of the odds and ends we needed. Dayquil, Nyquil, tissues, water for my stash at school. Random things that would add up together and weren’t really “grocery” stuff.


Oh!!!!! Another awesome thing about Thursday. How did I forget all of this awesome stuff… Thursday was such a fantastically productive day.


I took the bike to get looked at… again… I so was not looing forward to that. I actually spent a bit of time talking to Zane about it because I was hardcore thinking about taking the bike to a different shop.


After some discussion we decided it would be better to take the bike back to our original shop and to ask if the issue was something we were doing or just bad luck. I really didn’t want to go. I wanted the bike to magically fix itself, but I hooked up the bike rack to the back of my car, loaded up the bike, and drove to the shop instead of being a chicken-shit.


Arreon was there and greeted me as I wheeled the bike through the door.


“Having problems again?” were his first words.


“Yeah… The back wheel is still dragging against the break pad,” I could tell my voice was all hesitant and ,”Please don’t be angry at me,” sounding.


He set the bike up on one of the stands and spun the wheel a few times as one of his co-workers looked at the bike with him.


They loosened up the back wheel, repositioned it a bit, and poof, problem fixed. They said that the wheel hadn’t been positioned correctly and because of that it was tilted a little bit, causing it to drag against the break pad. I hadn’t done anything wrong, and it was a super simple fix that they didn’t charge me for.


Best. Service. Ever.


Totally not going to go to a different store. I love my bike guys. ❤


So that was an amazing resolution to the epic bike adventure so far. Zane pointed out how there were several things that they’ve done for me, like waiving the fee for truing the wheel when they found out I had to replace the whole back wheel, and not charging me the last two times I’ve taking the bike in because the issues stemmed from the original problem with the back wheel.


For as much as it’s given me issues these past weeks, pretty much a month now, I really only had to pay once, so while it’s been annoying, it really could have been a lot worse. They really have taken care of me, and I feel mildly guilty for even momentarily wanting to go elsewhere. I don’t feel like a very good or loyal customer at the moment. I’ll try to be more faithful in the future.


I was so excited to have the bike back and in working order. I started making plan to go on a bike ride as soon a s I got home. I had cash that I needed to deposit in the bank since Zane paid me for this half of the car insurance, the phone bill, and the $100 to his total debt. Only $2000 more to go. : D


I could totally bike to the bank and get a good workout in while testing out the bike and still being productive. Yeah! Awesome idea!


My body, however, decided to remind me on the way home that I was still sick by making me have a coughing fit.


Ok… guess I’m not going on a bike ride. Thanks, Body, for rebelling against my idea know rather than 4 miles in. That would have sucked.


So biking didn’t happen, but it was still a really nice day full of productivity and recovery, and no fighting. : D


Friday was another good day. I woke up pretty early, made a piece of toast, and biked to the bank like I had wanted to do the day before. Zane cautioned me to take it easy since it was going to be a 7 mile ride. That’s roughly the distance from home to work, so it wasn’t really taking it easy as far as distance, but I did stay on a lower gear for most of the ride there and back. I guess I made fairly decent time, too. 40 minutes there and back. Not super awesome, but not awful either. Go me.


I can tell my metabolism is down with how inconsistent my workouts have been since January. Not having the bike and then most recently being sick… it’s thrown my routine off. I’m hoping to be able to go back to something at least consistent this coming week.


The bike is in working order, I have my health, mentally and physically. Things feel like they’re going to be ok. John will be out soon, I’ll have the closet as my room, my safe space. I’ll have my own dishes in the kitchen with matching silverware. There will be space in the fridge and freezer for food. I know there will be different problems, new ones, but at the same time, I think a lot of stressors will right themselves. I think it will be a positive change and it is one that I am looking forward to.




Going back to Friday.


I got back home and rested for a bit. Zane and I made plans to go to lunch with Hannah. We did sushi, which was nice. Hannah and I got to chat about school and our assignments. Zane and Hannah got to talk about Deadpool a bit. Since I hadn’t seen it yet they didn’t want to “spoil” it for me.


After eating we went to Hannah’s place to see how she had arranged it now that her roommate wasn’t there. The apartment is pretty nice as far as a two bedroom goes, but still on the small side. I couldn’t image sharing the space with someone I wasn’t familiar with. Even if it were just Zane and myself I think it would be a bit on the small side. I like the set up of her kitchen more, though.


We talked about books for a while, and games, and roommates and how it would be best for her to move her stuff in next Sunday. John is going to be spending most of Saturday moving his stuff into his new place, which will give us Saturday afternoon / evening to steam clean the carpets and bleach out the bathroom areas.


We have a game plan and it seems like it will work out. Good feels about that.


By 3pm Zane and I were both pretty done with being out and socializing. Go introverts! We said our goodbyes and came home. I took a nap since I hadn’t slept well the night before. For the past few nights really. I keep waking up, but then I’ve had naps the past few days because I get to around1pm and feel exhausted. I think it’s part of the recovery process.


But anyway, came home, slept, woke up, moved to the couch to cuddle with Zane while he watched an anime. Good times.


John had said he wanted the living room that evening, which was fine because Zane and I had plans to go see Deadpool and have dinner together. Yay Valentine’s Day make up plans.


We went to the cinema grill. My student id was rejected which sucked, but it was still a good experience. It was a fantastic movie. I think the best part for me was the opening credits. “Directed By: An Overpaid Tool”. Really good movie. If you haven’t seen it I encourage you to go out and do so. It has its harsh, “Oh my god that’s painful and I can feel that in my own body,” moments. It has the, “I know those feels and I’m not going to cry my eyes out,” moments. But it has a lot of really awesome, “That’s the funniest, most brutally honest shit I’ve heard in forever,” moments. It’s a good mix of everything. Go see it. Do et. You wont’ regret it. : D


Once the movie was done I was sort of tired of being around other people, but I wasn’t ready to go home because I didn’t want to be around John or anyone else. It was a nice night outside, cool with a slight breeze without being super cold. Zane and I decided to see if hanging out at the park would satisfy the whole not wanting to be around people but can’t go home feelings. That didn’t work out though because on a Friday night there was a baseball game going on at the park. Lots of people… lame…


So we decided to go home, but to sit out on the porch together while he smoked hookah. That actually worked really well.


John is apparently sick and coughing out his lungs so he wasn’t in the living room at all. Trevor and Danielle were, but went back to their room shortly after finishing their dinner. The kitchen wasn’t cleaned up afterwards but it wasn’t completely trashed like normal. There was some effort put into keeping it manageable so I was ok with it.


Zane packed a lemon mint mix and we sat outside for a good thirty minutes talking about random stuff. It was really nice being outside together, talking, not being distracted by the TV or any other sort of media. We’ve been having a lot of that recently actually and I think that’s playing a huge part into my feeling better.


I ended up going to sleep before Zane. We’ve spent the last few nights together. There was one point I remember where he pulled my arm over him, placing my hand on his chest so I was spooning him. It was super cute, especially because he doesn’t remember doing it.


We’ve already meal planned for this coming week. With both of us being sick for the past two, and John having his Super Bowl party and various other things going on, it’s not like there was really room in the fridge for anything even if we had been well enough to not only get food, but cook it as well.


For all that we’ve eaten out, we’ve done really well in my opinion. We’ve done healthier options like Subway, or Panera. That was another thing we did on Thursday. I got the creamy chicken soup in a bread bowl. I think that’s only the second time I’ve been to Panera, the first time being with Ashley the first time we ever hung out, and that was about two years ago.


Going there with Zane was a really relaxing and satisfying experience.


So yeah. Lots of good stuff going on.


Today is already off to a pretty good start. I have work tonight at 5, but I honestly don’t mind having to go in on a Saturday with how much time I’ve been at home this week. My vacation and sick time reset, so I’m pretty sure this coming paycheck I’ll have my raise. That means I have the time to cover the days I wasn’t at work. Woo.


I know there’s grading that needs to happen, and I should have an email about the Woman’s Initiative program I applied for at work.


Right now I’m at the Laundromat doing the clothes. They’re in the middle of drying right now, so they should be done soon. I woke up, cooked and ate breakfast with my coffee, packed everything up can came out to do laundry, and have been writing since then. I’ve been alone for almost the whole time. It’s only been roughly 10 minutes that anyone else has shown up. Very chill day so far.


Once the clothes are done I plan to stop by the produce store to pick up most of the fresh stuff needed from the grocery list. I also want to stop by Target for some “me” stuff. With the whole moving thing I want to get a few items like a new toothbrush, new loofa… Things that I’ve wanted to get, but haven’t because I don’t really, truly, honestly “need” them. We’re going to need things like a bathmat and trashcan too, but I would rather Zane be there for when we pick those out. I think he would want to have a say in it.


But yeah, there are a few things that I can get because they are “me” things, and I want them to be there for Saturday without being overwhelmed with everything else that is going on. I think it would be sort of cool to save them for that night. Sort of like a room warming gift to myself.


So yeah, that’s going to be part of my day. Zane and I plan to get lunch and then go to a fish market and oriental market. He wants to make sushi rolls this week as one of our dinners. I’m looking forward to it. : 3


Once we get back home from all of the out and about we’ve agreed that I can have the remaining hours to myself before work, napping, playing Hoard, whatever I need to recharge.


I don’t think I’m going to take the bike to work today, letting myself rest up from yesterday. Not sure if I’m going to stick to that or not. I’m still a little congested and I don’t want to over do it. At the same time I don’t like not being able to workout, or feeling like I’m making excuses for not doing it… This past week has felt like punishment really. I miss my workout time. I want it back. What did I do to deserve having my endorphins taken away? ;-;


I guess the only thing to do is evaluate how I’m feeling around 4ish and see if biking is a possibility. The more I think about it the more I want to do it, but that’s before doing all of the chores… I guess I should keep that in consideration. I have a pretty full day ahead of myself still. Hmmmm…. We’ll see.


I guess I could take it as a challenge.


Irrational Brain: You’re going down, Life!


And with that I guess I’m going to go check on my laundry. I’m pretty sure it’s time to fold it and get a move on with the rest of my day.



2 thoughts on “Daily Post 092: The Thursday I Forgot and Other Good Days

  1. I watched a YouTube video awhile back where the guy said NOT exercising is like taking a daily depressant. The thought keeps recurring in my head. I need to move. Being sick this past week has really put me in an apathetic hole. I feel like a waste, or I would if I could muster feelings – hah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh man. I’m going to have to tuck that quote away for later. “Not exercising is like taking a daily depressant.” That’s how it feels most days.

      Also, that’s one of the things I actually happen to love about apathy. XD

      Right Brain: I would feel bad about being apathetic… buuuut… I’m too apathetic to care.

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