Daily Post 093: Project Rage



Bashing my fists against the keyboard wouldn’t be satisfying enough of a release to get rid of all of this frustration. The projects I have just gotten done grading suck. And not even sort of suck. Like hardcore suck. Like, weren’t worth the effort it took to open the files, suck. But I had to sit and go through all of the systems for these rigs and detail why points were deducted on projects that are already getting hit with a -10 to the over all grade because they were submitted late.


You couldn’t even take the time to hide the joints? It’s seriously the easiest thing you could have done. Not even exaggerating or joking. Select the joint group and hit shift+h, done. And you lost points for that? After you asked for an extension to put more time into the project?


The only thing you put more time into was wasting my life. All of these projects so far. Ever single one of them, total waste of time. I don’t get it. And some of the files have issues which I know I told the student to correct before submission.


/flips shit


I don’t know if it’s because of the Hall of Fame event that went on, but it’s beyond frustrating and right now I just need to pour all of that out so it’s not inside my skin anymore.


This month was doing so well. Maybe I haven’t gotten to the good projects yet. Maybe David is going to get all of the awesome ones. That’s happened before. But the handful of dudes who seemed to be doing so well didn’t even submit a file. What the actual F guys? What have you been doing for the past two weeks?


I’m going to have a heart to heart with the class tomorrow because collectively this is the worst batch of files I have had to grade in a really long time. I want to know if it was a failing on our part. Was the information not conveyed clearly enough? Were David and I not active enough during lab, though I don’t know how that could have been possible with how often I didn’t get to do anything other than answer questions. Was there something more we could have done? Or was it a failing on their part? Bad time management, improper task prioritizing? Flat out being a slacker?


I want to know.


In happier news, yesterday was a pretty solid day. Laundry got done, and put away eventually before I went into work. Zane called me shortly after I finished writing my blog and changed plans up a little bit. He wanted me to come home rather than doing any of the shopping. He wanted us to go out for food and to do the shopping together. I was ok with that change, so once the clothes were dry and folded I headed home.


We went to the oriental market first since Perkins was ridiculously busy and our sports bar wasn’t open yet.


We went to a new market and I absolutely love it. We’ll most likely be going there from now on rather than to the other two places we’ve gone to in the past. We got most of the veg stuff we needed along with chop sticks and a bamboo mat to make the rolls tonight.


After the oriental market we went to the fish market. They had a café there, so we got lunch before doing our shopping. Zane was underwhelmed with his fish and chips, but I enjoyed my fish tacos. I don’t think we will eat there again but we did get the tuna we wanted for the sushi, along with a package of stuffed mushrooms because they looked super awesome and I have enjoyed them in the past.


We never got around to going to Publix, but we have plans for that today.


We stopped by the produce store before heading home to pick up the last bit of veg we needed along with chicken. We’re doing southwestern salads for lunches and sriracha chicken sandwiches for dinners later in the week.


I prepped most of the food when I got home which took a bit of time. I got about two hours of chillaxin’ in before having to shower and go to work.


We were in an even smaller classroom than normal due to having to be moved temporarily. This whole Hell of Lame event is beyond annoying… Very glad for it to be over with. The change made lab mildly frustrating just because it was so many people in a small space. Even whispers seemed loud.


By the time lab was done I was ready to go home.


I saw Christian while I was returning the key. That was a pretty cool conversation since he had a rigging issue he wanted help on. Yay for questions that I know the answers to.


I also saw Nicole while I was getting ready to leave work. I had washed the sweater that I keep at work, along with a long sleeve shirt that I’ve been leaving there to wear after my bike rides on cold days. I’m not thinking I’m going to need to stash it there for much longer. I can feel the Earth warming up. It’s a good feeling.


Anywho, I had to run to my car to get the clothing first, and while I was walking back into the school I saw Nicole. That was a great conversation. It was so good to see her again.


Uke was at the apartment when I got home, but I knew he was going to be there to hang out with the guys. Zane had gotten me dinner while they were out earlier so I didn’t have to worry about making anything for myself which was fantastic.


I poked at my phone for a bit, playing with my dragons, but I went to sleep pretty early last night and stayed asleep for most of it. I remember waking up once when Zane brought Shadow in to use the litter pan. Can’t wait for this week to go by so we can start leaving the door open and not having to worry about John’s cats marking our stuff up any longer.


I woke up again when Zane came to sleep around 1 in the morning. I got up for water, but didn’t have much of a problem falling back asleep.


And here we are at today.


I woke up around 8:30 this morning, had a cup of water before my cup of coffee because I’m a diligent athlete… at least I’m trying to be because migrates from dehydration suck.


I played with my dragons a bit more before making breakfast. That’s getting a little frustrating because I’m trying to get some pretty rare dragons that are only available for a limited time, but I’m not getting the ones I want. Guess I need to level up my pimp hand a bit.


After eating I showered and packed up after bothering Zane for a bit. I had seen the email from Clavan last night about the grading and wanted to get a jump start on that today, if not finish it off completely.


Well… after going through the files I have I need a break before I destroy something. I only have six more to do, but I’ll most likely break it up into sections. I’ll do three more later tonight, and save the last three for tomorrow. Unless they’re super awesome projects then I’ll do them all at once. I don’t see that being the case though.


So, as for the rest of my day. I plan to go to Jo Ann’s since I need mounting board and more thread. I can also get my loofa from Bed Bath and Beyond. Then a quick stop at Target to get the last bit of my “room warming” stuff for this weekend.


After Target it’s back home to see how Zane wants to do the rest of the day. Publix won’t be a big trip. Mostly small stuff that we couldn’t get at any of the places we were at yesterday like Febreeze and plastic baggies for lunches.


Alright. I’m written out and the need to punch faces is gone so I think it’s safe to venture out into the world. Wish me luck.



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