Daily Post 094: 12 Miles and Homemade Sushi


Going out into public so did no help my agitation from the projects I had to grade yesterday. Drivers were obnoxious, lines were long, and the overall experience was just frustrating.


I went to Jo Ann’s for the thread and mounting board I needed. At least now I’ll be able to finish off my mom’s gift and mail everything out to Vegas like I was supposed to do back at Christmas. I may or may not be the worst person ever since I am still hoarding my family’s Christmas gifts… Or maybe I’m the best Grinch. I guess it’s a matter of perspective.


I’ll be able to keep working on my Spring cross stitch rather than using the excuse of “I’m running out of thread” to justify doing other things… like nothing… nothing is a really important thing sometimes…


I go the loofa I wanted while I was next to Bed Bath and Beyond. While I was walking to the bath section I saw clearance bathmats. Zane and I are going to need new ones once Trevor moves out so I made a mental note and told Zane about it. I might run back out to get them this weekend. Maybe we’ll both make a day of it Sunday.


I drove to Target as well. Got Girl Scout coffee creamer while I was there because that stuff is amazing and addicting. But yeah, people were being annoying and loud, and even though I got everything done that I wanted to do I wasn’t any better for having done it.


When I got home I told Zane that I needed alone time and proceeded to hide in the room for about 30 minutes. I focused on breathing and letting all the stress go, the frustration of the shopping and feelings of inadequacy for the project’s low grades.


I came out of the room after a bit. Ok… So I might have left the room because there was no longer anything I needed to do in Dragonvale, but I did leave the room and that’s the important thing here.


It was an amazingly beautiful day yesterday so I ended up going for a 12 mile bike ride. I went down a different trail which gave me a bit of anxiety at first as I biked along the streets to get to the trail head, but once I was on the trail it was awesome. Long stretches of tree covered, sun speckled path with very few people. Lots of alone time with my thoughts and music. Lots of good music.


When I got to a trail crossing I stopped to rest before turning around and heading back home. I checked my phone and noticed that I had a missed call from my younger brother with a few messages asking me to please be online. We ended up chatting for thirty minutes. He had some frustration of his own to talk about so we got to share with each other and catch up on life. It was a really nice call and gave me the chance to recover before my trek back the way I had just come.


By the time I was done with the ride my quads were pretty content to let me know how not happy they were with me. To top it off Zane and I ended up walking to Publix last night to get the last bit of grocery we needed, so not only did I bike those 12 miles but I walked another two. It was a good walk though and I’m glad Zane and I did it rather than taking the car. It was fun.


We made sushi at home last night which led to watching YouTube videos while we ate on how to make proper sushi rolls. Our original rolls turned out tasty, but Zane wasn’t happy with the way they looked. They weren’t pretty enough.


I went to sleep shortly after eating and slept for most of the night. Even though I had drank three bottles of water I was still fighting off a headache. Zane was up super late, until like 4am. I moved out to the couch a few hours after he came to bed. Just wasn’t able to fall back to sleep for some reason.


I eventually did for a little while, but was still up around 8:30 this morning.


Coffee was had, but instead of making breakfast first thing I decided to finish off the cooking that needed to happen. The chicken which had been marinating for the southwestern salads got cooked, along with bacon for my breakfast sandwiches. I also went ahead and mixed the tuna for post bike ride noms.


Zane tried his hand at sushi again for lunch. The rolls turned out much better this time around, however they were a bit too big since the cucumber needed to be cut smaller, and less rice needed to be used. Still super tasty so I was happy with it.


I’ve been at work for a while now. Got to clean out my notebook and analyze my life. Trying to get back on top of things since I feel like I’m a bit scattered around. Being sick usually does that to me. I’m recovered as far as my health is concerned, now it’s time to recover on the life side of things.


I’ve gotten caught up on emails finally. That was a mountain to sift through. I logged my workouts from Friday and Sunday. I got set up on the Nike Training Club app. I’ve cleaned up my download folder and emptied my computer trashcan. That super needed to happen. >.<;


I’ve figured out my schedule for next month.. 5pm to 1am… At least I won’t have to worry about stupid drivers. Just drunk ones…


Tre is planning to come visit during a weekend next month. Not sure which one yet, but most likely the 12th or 26th. That will be so beyond fantastic. I miss talking and hanging out with him so much. I know there’s going to be tears when we hug for the first time in almost a year.


Still need to finish the grading. I’m most likely save that for tomorrow unless the second lab is super quiet. It would be nice to get it done and not have to worry about it.


And that’s it as far as an update goes. Yesterday had it’s frustrations, but it also had some pretty awesome moments, and overall it was a good day.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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