Prompt Page 010: Rated R for Religion


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Today’s Topic:
How important is your spiritual life?



Religion always seems to be a touchy subject.


Everyone is quick to jump in and say you’re not doing something right, you don’t have the right belief, you don’t practice enough, you’re not [insert something here]. It is so easy to pick people apart, to focus on the differences, or how something conflicts with your own beliefs rather than looking for the similarities.


As someone who has traveled down many spiritual avenues I feel I’m a bit more opened minded than most. Being open-minded very rarely grants me the same level of acceptance and understanding, and while I am not ashamed of my spirituality, it’s frustrating to feel attacked or persecuted.


Despite that fact, I want to write for this prompt.


If my beliefs do not match yours, that’s cool. Awesome even. We’re all unique for a reason and I feel our uniqueness is something which should be embraced. If you don’t agree with something I type, lets have a discussion about it. I love sharing ideas and concepts and being exposed to what others feel. Don’t understand something I’ve written, want clarification, or have a question in general about something? Ask me! As a teacher I love answering questions. I’m masochistic that way. : D


Please, no hate. That’s all I ask.


Do I belong to an organized religion?

If I had to pick something I would say Odinism, though I don’t feel like it’s the “right” answer. While I do follow the Norse gods I specifically follow Freya, not Odin. I follow what I feel is right. I don’t believe there is really a name for that.


Additional aspects of my spirituality include striving to live my life with a Buddhist mentality. I understand this is more of a philosophy and not a religion, but it is important to me and I feel something worth mentioning.


There are some Wiccan concepts which appeal to me since I jive with the theory of energies. I believe in auras and I feel that’s what I pick up on when I get “vibes” from people or situations. I believe I can sense a person’s natural energy, which when coupled with above average observation skills lets me get a pretty accurate read on people with very little exposure to them.


I also feel that herbs, crystals, rocks, trees, dirt, animals, basically anything on Earth, has energy inside of it which can be used or interacted with. I do feel that Scarlet is my familiar, as was Gretch, my snake.


I have many views, but the main one I have held onto through out all of my life is a quote by Thomas Paine, “The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.”



Would I describe myself as “spiritually thirsty”?

I want to answer with no for some reason. I guess because thirsty makes me think of dehydration or lacking in something vital. I do not think I am lacking, however, I do want more information. I want to be exposed to new ideas, new concepts, new theories and perspectives. I love learning and I will always want to learn, to expand my mind, and to grow as a person, even spiritually.


I would rather be thought of as spiritually open rather than thirsty.


Is being “close to God” a life goal for me?

Being at peace and content with myself is a life goal for me. I feel content and connected when I feel close to Freya, which helps me feel at peace, so in a way, yes, I suppose I do want to be close with my Goddess, though it is not a goal I list out on my to-do list or on my “In 5 years” mind map. It is something internal which is part of my identity. It is not a goal, it is part of who I am.


I want to feel like I am living a life which brings honor to those I care about and my Goddess. A life worthy of remembering, one that inspires others to greatness, a life that fosters and nurtures others.


When I think of my Goddess it is never in a parent / child relationship that I hear and see depicted fairly regularly. I feel that Freya and I stand before each other as equals. We are both warriors and I feel we respect that trait within each other. I do not kneel before her asking for forgiveness for living life. We clasp arms on a victorious battlefield, scrapped and bloodied maybe, but alive, standing, strong, and self-assured.


That is our closeness. Comradery.


One thought on “Prompt Page 010: Rated R for Religion

  1. I’m glad you answered this prompt. I feel like I’ve caught glimpses in your posts this past year, but not all at together like this. Maybe I’ll turn on my big-girl computer and bust out a response to the prompt too!

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