Daily Post 095: Dragonvale Ramblings


Not a lot to catch up on.


I forgot to put the chicken into the salad containers before I left for work so my salad was pretty lacking in the protein department. It was still good though, mostly because I make a bitchin’ lime sauce.


I got all of the projects graded during the second lab, which was fantastic. They still sucked, but they’re done. Even David stayed after lab a little bit to vent about his set of projects, so at least it’s not just getting a bad draw on my part. Actually… I’m not sure if that’s better or worse. I mean, at least I wasn’t the only one to be frustrated, and while I know that may sound bad, it is nice to know that someone else understands how I feel. At the same time, if the majority of the class had crap projects then what happened to the awesomeness that was there at the beginning of the month? What happened for things to change?


The more I think about it the less I think it has to do with the events on campus. The Hall of Fame schedule specifically had our assignments due before the week of events began. Students had just as much time as previous months to complete their work before anything else would have required their time and attention. So even though the schedule was a little screwy last week, I don’t think it should have had any impact on the projects. And if that’s the case, than what did?


I would like to say that all of the grading is completely, 100% done. Unfortunately I have two more assignments that Clavan gave me last night after I had finished everything else. Mildly lame, but I have a game plan for those later today. Finishing off a majority of the grading meant I didn’t cross stitch like I wanted to, but since today is mostly clear now I’m ok with the way things worked out. I got a lot of other things taken care of while I was at work as well. Productive day, woo. Cleaning out my notebook I think was the best part. I’m almost through my current one, which means I get to pull out a new one in the next week or so. New notebooks always make me feel better. They’re so fresh and so clean, clean.


I am not responsible if that song gets stuck in your head. >.>;


Zane and I are in the middle of a spat, which might be why there doesn’t feel like much to say. I’m thinking about using the car today since he’s off and going to the gym, after which I would go to my sports bar for their lunch special. After eating I could grade the two remaining projects before going to work and stitching until it’s time for lab.


The only reason I’m thinking about not executing that plan of awesome is because I would miss out on seven miles of biking. Though I guess I could bike at the gym along with doing my strength routine…


I also should be a responsible adult and eat the food here rather than going out. Maybe I can save it for Saturday when John is moving all of his stuff out of the apartment. It would be an good excuse to not be around and in the way. Friday is payday, too. Blarg. Where’s a q-tip when you need one? Damn you, Left Brain, and all of your logical bullshit raining on my parade. >.<;


I spent a bit of time restructuring my dragons in Dragonvale last night. I also have a new strategy I think. I’m going to be focusing on getting two of all of the normal dragons first before seriously trying to get all of the rarer dragons.


I’m pretty sure I’m doing well in the game. I just got an Okenite match this morning. That’s the one that’s been giving me the hardest time, but with a 3% chance I suppose it’s understandable. The Amethyst dragon I’m probably going to miss out on, which sucks. I won’t be able to get that one until next February.


I want to get a second Carnival dragon while I still can. It’s also a limited dragon. Another Jet would be pretty awesome too, which is going to be the one I push for after my new Frostfire and Ash dragons are bred.


The idea is that if I have two of each dragon I can have two breeding pairs going for the dragons I’m trying to get, which will increase my odds, also my income since I’ll have more dragons in my park. Getting them to level 11 is fairly easy for me now, which increases their chances of breeding rarer dragons. The chances increase further if you level them to 16, but that’s still sort of hard. It takes roughly 15 million dragon cash to get from level 15 to 16 alone. At the moment that’s roughly a days worth of savings for me. Lame.


Having a handful of pretty epic dragons has been super helpful with getting me to where I’m at. I know I’ve seriously lucked out on a lot of my matches. One that was pretty awesome was getting a Bronze dragon on the day of my Warrior Dash. I know it’s sort of silly but it was like winning a second medal. It was something memorable and gives me warm fuzzy feelings still.


I feel like I made some pretty strategic choices during the Valentines event as well, which has helped me out. My Moonstruck dragons pull in almost as much as my Galaxy dragons, which I have three of. I also got a Sun dragon fairly early in the game, and I have a second one incubating right now, so in another day I’ll be pulling in an additional 250 per minute, which will make it easier to afford to grow more food, which means I can level my dragons easier, which means I can get better dragons, which gives me more cash, rinse, repeat.


I’m sure none of that makes any sense to anyone who doesn’t play the game. It’s what my mind is focusing on right now though. I have about two hours before I can do anything further in the game, so in the mean time I guess I should do things and stuff. Like figuring out if I’m still doing lunch or not. Being out of the apartment would be nice. It’s another amazing day outside. I want to enjoy it.


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