Daily Post 096: A Bunch of Nothing


Today has been a mostly rainy morning, which I think is adding to my low energy.


I didn’t do all that much yesterday. At least it doesn’t feel like it. I keep having to tell myself that crazy awesome sex should count as a workout, or at least count towards not being a slacker. Too bad my brain is set on not counting it towards anything so at the moment I guess it’s a battle of wills inside of my skull.


Because of the specific type of quality time Zane and I had yesterday I didn’t go to the gym, or bike to work. I used the car instead because I can only imagine what I would have felt like after a seven mile bike right on top of everything else.


Dead. I would have felt dead I’m pretty sure.


I finished up the grading I needed to do once I got to work then cross stitched while Frank chatted with me for most of lab. Pretty uneventful day. He did mention how Game of Thrones was going to be starting up again soon. Can’t wait. At the same time, I totally can because waiting each week for an episode to air is going to suck. It will be nice to have a routine of watching it with everyone while we eat dinner though. I miss how we used to do that when I first moved in.


Dinner last night was mostly ready by the time I got home, which was great because I was super hungry. Zane asked me to stop by the gas station for soda, but that was the only detour I had to make. We had sriracha chicken sandwiches topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a light spread of mayonnaise. Super simple but completely satisfying.


While we ate we watched Victor Frankenstein. Amazing movie. Watch et!


I went to sleep not long afterwards.


As for a Dragonvale update… I’m pretty sure I got a Spring dragon, which is another limited dragon. I have either another Sun or a Rainbow dragon breeding right now based on the time left for the egg. I’ll know what it is once it moves over to incubation, but that won’t be fore another 32 hours. My Okenite has a handful of hours left to go before it moves over to incubation as well. So I have some pretty awesome dragons on the way, but I basically have 24 hours before I can do much other than grow food and collect money. At the moment I think I’m pretty ok with that.


Like I mentioned, today has been a pretty lax day. It’s my day off since I work Saturday. I wouldn’t mind going to the gym at some point. The sun just started coming out, though it still looks windy and icky outside. Even at that, I want to work out, but the thought of having to go anywhere doesn’t appeal to me. Maybe Zane and I will go for a walk instead. Still pretty worn out from yesterday. Maybe a walk and yoga to stretch out my hamstrings. Oh man. Stretching sounds awesome right now. Or maybe just going and sitting in the sauna for a while… so many options.


Zane is still on vacation and is currently asleep still. He goes back to work tomorrow and Friday. John is still set to move out on Saturday. Mom and I have plans to talk later today.


I’ve already unloaded and loaded the dish washer which I think will be the most productive I am all day aside from scavenging for food and the potential workout, whatever that ends up being. Just one of those types of days. Nothing much I need to do, and nothing much I want to do. Chilling on the couch doing a bunch of nothing sounds pretty good in my book.


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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