DnD Tales : 001 Murr – The Capture


My friends and I are about to begin a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign, which means a new character for me. I spent most of today figuring out my backstory. I enjoyed creating my story so much I wanted to write it out. This is one part of what I hope will be a continuing short story collection of Murr and her adventures.



The Capture 


Her rump wiggled in anticipation as her eyes stayed focused on the silver orb. The slight summer breeze whispered softly through the thick green leaves of the bushes around her lean form, causing a rustling sound to fill her ears. Birds chirped in the canopy above. Insects buzzed and hummed. The forest, alive and vibrant after a long winter’s rest, thrived around her. The world, however, drained away to nothingness from the intensity of her scrutiny.


The sphere shimmered under the warm sun, flashing as the shifting leaves caused the light to dance over the foreign surface.


Shallow breaths, measured and controlled, filled her lungs as she watched, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and claim her prize. Another wriggle in her hips prepared her pounce.


Soon. The time would be soon. She could taste it in the air. The breeze died slowly, leaving the woods in a hushed silence as if it too were holding its breath.








Her heart pumped strongly. Thu-thump. Thu-thump. Thu-thump.








Back talons dug into soft ground as she launched herself from the bushes, her sudden movement shattering the peace with breaking branches and swishing leaves. Her wings spread wide as she cleared the foliage, beating once with all the force of her small body, propelling her into the clearing like a green streak towards her unsuspecting prey.


A squeak of triumph punctuated the huntress’ attack as she landed on top of the shiny something, her claws creating metallic chimes as they connected with the orb.


“Prrroawr!” a pleased purring growl escaped her muzzle as she began to teethe on the gleaming treasure, more clinking and tinking sounding as hard teeth met metal foe.




She quickly drew her head back and away from the object, shaking it in surprised dismay. Her long tongue scrapped unceremoniously against her teeth as an overwhelmingly bitter taste filled her mouth.


What?! No shiny ever tasted so awful! What is this thing, she wondered as she glared at her now undesired catch. Her tongue continued to try to remove the offending flavor, causing her jaw to open wide while her neck shook her head again in repugnance. Her concern quickly shifted from the unpleasant taste to the numb, tingling sensation spreading through her maw.


A mrowl of distress escaped her muzzle as the tingling spread through her face, down her neck, marching like ants across her body. Her front paw rose to swipe at her snout as if to brush away the feeling. Another headshake was followed by a alarmed squeak as she lost her sense of balance causing her to stumble over her own paws before gracelessly falling to her side.


Her head whipped around chaotically as she tried to right herself. What is this? What’s happening? Why can’t I move? Move. Please move… Her limbs, her wings, her tail. Nothing would respond correctly to her demands. Instead her body flailed, twitched and thrashed on the ground, her claws racking into the dark earth. The overpowering thought in her mind shifted to one, single, consuming need – the primal instinct to survive. She had to get away. This isn’t right. Get up. Move. Move!


She tried to will her body to obey but despite her frantic desperation it refused. Ringing began to fill her head as her honey yellow, jet rimmed eyes swept over the world around her, looking for help, an escape, anything. The edges of her vision became unfocused and blurry as her head lulled to the side, thudding roughly onto the ground, her body unable to stay upright.


Louder. The ringing was louder now. So loud. And everything was grey. So grey and… cloudy, soft, and… fading… She couldn’t see the forest anymore, only the grass in front of her and, to the side, the shiny thing. The evil thing. It did this to her. Anger tried to ignite within her but fear drenched every corner of her mind with icy coldness.


No. Please. This isn’t right. Please help. Please. She desperately tried to reach out with her mind to anyone, anything, nearby, but she felt nothing, not even the ground beneath her.


One last despairing whimper exhaled from her lungs as her eyes closed on their own accord, taking her into the endless drifting abyss of unconsciousness. Around her prone form the summer breeze once again breathed, rustling the leaves, unphased by the fairy dragon’s plight. The insects continued to hum. Birds sang their songs.


In the distance the thumping of footfalls could be heard, twigs snapping, leaves crackling as the two hunters ran to claim their catch.


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