Daily Post 112: All of The Things


This is an email I wrote about an hour ago to my older brother to keep him posted on my life so far since I’ve been back in Orlando. There’s a crapton that’s happened between the last time I wrote and now. I don’t feel bad about not writing. I’ve thought about it off and on but haven’t had it in me to actually do it.


Life doesn’t suck, but it’s really hard right now, and the biggest factor into it being hard isn’t the fact that mom died. It’s the fact that Zane and I can’t seem to have a conversation without it devolving until either a pissing contest or emo hurt feelings.


Fucking relationships and breakups…


Anyway, here’s the update.




I figured email was the better option since there’s so many things to update on.



I can’t transfer the loan to Zane. I can’t add him to the loan. The car dealership will give me $6,500 for it. So now the ball is in Zane’s court. He needs to call / go to banks and see if he can get his own loan, or find someone willing to get a loan for him. Currently he can’t afford car payments. I’m not leave Orlando while still having a car loan, so if he can’t figure something out, and I don’t sell it to another person then I’m going to take it back to the dealership.



I’m going to be staying at work for two months until the new curriculum rolls out. This helps everyone out. In two months we will actually be over staffed, but by then two of us will be leaving so it works out. It allows me to keep my benefits and to make some final appointments like going to the dentist and doctor. I might get my eyes checked out as well though I won’t be able to get new frames for another year to that’s iffy.


I have reached out to HR about the contract I have with the school in regards to my second degree. My advisor said he would ask around discreetly to see what the repercussions of leaving would be, but that it is usually determined on a case by case basis, so I’m not thinking they will be able to find out much for me.


It also lets me go through a normal exit process, which can be planned for.


Because I will have my benefits for a while I am going to go to counseling while I’m here. I actually have an appointment scheduled for 1pm today. Instead of having only a handful of sessions I’m going to try to go to her weekly since I’ll be in town.



Apparently my other two roommates are moving out as well, so even if I had decided to stay Zane would still be screwed. I have talked to the leasing office. Under the circumstances they agreed that we would reissue the lease taking a different option for breaking the lease. Instead of having to pay rent until the unit is rented out again, we could pay a flat rate (two months worth of rent) and end it.


Uke and Hannah do not move out until June, which lines up for when I would want to be back in Vegas (July). I would be here to sign whatever paperwork is necessary. Zane wants to keep the apartment and I suppose will be looking for new roommates to take the empty rooms.


He won’t sign me off of the lease unless new tenants can be found. Breaking the lease is a last resort in his mind. If the lease is broken then I don’t owe him rent. At the moment rent money for the current apartment is being taken from the $2000 of debt he has towards me for when I covered his expenses while he was unemployed.


There’s a bunch of other drama going on with Zane. He has a new girlfriend so there is literally no room in the apartment for me to use as my own. I plan to negotiate with him today about lowering the amount I pay for rent due to the fact that I don’t contribute to any of the utilities used and I can’t stay at the apartment and am having to stay with a friend. Conversations with him are always confrontational so I don’t imagine it will go well, but in my head it’s not fair to pay the same amount as everyone else and to have less than (in my head, nothing) when I was told that I would be able to stay at the apartment when I got back to Orlando.


I will keep you posted on those happenings.



I plan to get a small storage unit for my things so they are not in the apartment with Zane. I would be more comfortable with them in a different location. With how some of our confrontations have gone I don’t want the possibility of him storing my stuff at the apartment to be used against me or as leverage.



Zane and I have a phone plan together with Verizon. My phone was a gift for when I helped him through his unemployment. I was looking at paying the amounts on the phones off but paying $1000 for both phones would only lower the phone bill by $40, so it’s not a very cost effective option.


I am going to see what it would cost to have my own phone line and if that is even an option I can do.


I was wonder what type of phone plane you and Lio have, and what the cost of adding my line to yours would be. Sometimes that cheaper than having a single line. I could pay the difference it would make to your monthly statement if this is a possibility you are A) comfortable with entertaining and B) able to do.


No worries if not. It’s just an option I thought of and would like to explore if able to. If not then I plan to see if I can switch back to MetroPC service since it’s unlimited everything for only $40 a month. Again, all of this hinges on being able to transfer my phone away from Verizon, so none of these options may be available to me. I have to find that out today.


I think that’s it for the most part. I’m sure there are other things but I think those are the biggest areas. If you could let me know your opinion about the phone idea I would appreciate it.


Other than that I’ll keep on keeping on and let you know about developments.


I love you. Thank you for being awesome and helping me through this.


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