Letters to Mom 003: Mother’s Day


I posted this on Facebook
and felt it should be posted here as well. 



I thought today would be hard. And maybe if I had stayed in Orlando it would have been. I didn’t do that though. Instead, I went to the beach. And you know what, mom? It was a beautiful day.

I got to see people enjoying it and laughing and playing music and dancing and I realized something. You would want me to enjoy it too. So I’m trying to. I most likely got too much sun, which isn’t hard since I burn in moonlight. There’s sand all over the hotel room just like when you took us to the beach as kids. There’s still pizza from last night so I don’t have to go out and I can soak up all of the solitude and introverted aloneness.

I know I can’t call anymore and that’s been the hardest thing to adjust to, but I know you’re still here, and I know you would have had an amazing day because all of us would have called you or sent you flowers or gone to visit you.

We’re all thinking about you, mom. You’re still loved and it’s still a good day even if things are different.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom. I love you.




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