Daily Post 121: Internet Willing…


Yesterday went well.


I left “home” around 9:30. I’m going to call my extended stay home because that’s lazier faster than typing out extended stay.


I was able to run by school and print a few things out, including my tattoo concept, though that’s a whole ‘nother post for a different time. The locksmith still hadn’t called me so I ran over to the post office. I needed to mail out the promissory note to the bank I had my original car loan. I finally got the address for that. While I was there I checked my PO box but the new checks hadn’t come in yet.


I’m having to overnight the note since it took so long to get the address, but that’s fine. As long as it gets taken care of. I got the phone call I was waiting for while I was standing in line. The locksmith would be at the unit in about 30 minutes. Perfect. I could totally be there in time. So I finished  up what I was doing and headed over to the U-Haul site.


The locksmith sawed off my lock, which was pretty interesting to see. Sad to think that it’s so easy to break into things. I was able to put some stuff into my unit finally, which allowed me to clean up my car. I was also able to finally retrieve things, including my desktop computer.


❤ so much ❤


By the time I was done playing with all my stuff I didn’t have much time before work. I dashed back home to put all of my techy stuff into the room  so it wouldn’t roast in my car, showered, then headed to work. It wasn’t until I was parking in the parking lot that I realized I  had forgotten my badge on my table. So much fail. >.<;


I was still able to get into school and David was awesome enough to let me use his badge to go to the break room to eat my lunch. Overall work went well. I got to reply to several emails, updated a bunch of stuff, and in general was able to keep busy enough that I didn’t need Facebook as a distraction.


After class I saw James outside. He’s in his first month  of Finals. We chatted for a while before I said I needed to go to the gym. Got all the way there, was actually walking into the building when I realized not only did I leave my badge at home, but also my headphones…


For serious, Universe? Fuuuuu….


I knew that I most likely wouldn’t go  back out if I went home. So I sort of made peace with the fact that I most likely wouldn’t be working out and instead went to the grocery store. When I got home I went about setting up my computer. It still works!!!! Yay!!!!


There was a moment of sadness when I booted it up. The web browser was still on the page where I had purchased my plane ticket to Vegas. It was a sobering moment, but I closed out of the tab. That moment happened and I won’t forget it, but it is in my past. It’s ok to close those tabs and to move forward. So I did.


I started installing Witcher III and Star Craft II since I found the box for that in my storage unit. Sometimes you just want to make a giant army and kill things…


Anyway, while that was going I thought about how it would be cool to do yoga in the room, but that with the way it was arrange there wasn’t really the space for it… so I rearranged my room. I love it. There’s a giant open space in the center now, and I spent  about 25 minutes doing a routine for posture. I know that my back and shoulders have rounded over the past months. Not surprising that my heart chakra is closed off with everything that’s been going on.


Well… last night I started taking steps to correct that. It’s always interesting to see where the body stores stress. The tendons along the top of my hands and fingers… who knew?


I tried upgrading my internet to the higher speed but I don’t think it worked since I’m still trying to download updates… So much lame. I’m going to go to the office once I’m done writing to figure it out. I want me my games, yo….


Aside from work I’m not really sure what’s going to be going on today. I need to call my eye place and have them order a supply of contacts for me since I like using them at the gym. I guess that means I need to find a decent pair of sunglasses. The gym needs to happen at some point today. Laundry would be a good thing. You know… that whole, “having clean clothes,” thing…


Not a whole lot to get done though… I think I’m pretty ok with that. I want to have some chill time where I can game. I think I’ll get that today…. Internet gods willing….


Greetings traveler! Leave your tidings here.

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