Daily Post 138: A Mild Day


I did pretty alright today.

I was up sort of late, so there was no run at 4am. Totally ok with owning up to not running. I made up for it by going to boxing later in the day.

Today was a bunch of errands. I had to go to Home Depot for more paint. I got a dustpan while I was there since I don’t have one for the apartment. Even though it’s a townhome I’m going to call it an apartment because that’s easier.

Anywho… After picking that stuff up I went to the produce store for groceries, then Publix since I needed cat food and litter. Scarlett would have killed me if I had come home without food for her…

I checked my PO box. There was a bunch of garbage advertisements about the election since I haven’t checked the mail in a while. Glad that’s over and done with. Maybe now people will stop wasting money on advertisements that get put directly into the recycle bin.

As soon as I get around to filling out my change of address form I’ll be able to close out the PO Box. It will be nice to not have to drive somewhere to get my mail.

I got nail polish remover to help get up some of the paint speckles on the office floor. It seems to work without messing up the hardwood finish, so I’ll do that task tomorrow while the paint in my closet is drying.

After checking the mail I came back home and dropped all of my shopping off before dashing out and just barely making it to boxing. I did alright again. Maybe even better than alright. I noticed I have a lot more muscle definition while I was watching my form in the mirrors. Still need to remember to keep my elbow up on hooks. My kicks are a lot more solid. There’s a definite thud when I kick the bag now, and it actually moves from the force I put into it.

Still didn’t stay for the last fifteen minutes of the class which is nothing but core work. I was dehydrated. I was hungry. I was a bawce for going in the first place while not having a lot of sleep. Going, might I add, after a pretty full day to begin with. So yeah, no regrets about leaving when I did.

I want to get a bike again so I can start biking to the gym. That’s most likely going to trash my workouts for a few weeks while I condition back into being at that level of activity, but it’s something I really want to do.

Getting a bike was supposed to be one of the first things I did after getting a place to live. It was supposed to be a reward for making it. For surviving. A really nice hybrid bike that would be my own, not Zane’s that I was putting money into maintaining.

I miss being able to bike to the store. I miss bitching about having to bike against the wind. I miss having the ability to just randomly go out and enjoy the day with an hour bike ride down a trail. Biking was something that made me feel good, so checking out Craig’s List for a nice bike has been added that to my to-do list.

Currently, I have dye in my hair since the purple was getting pretty faded. I’m using a new brand, one that I tried while I was in Vegas on my walkabout. It’s called One n’ Only. It’s a pretty good brand. At least I’m having good results with it. The color lasts waaaaay longer than Manic Panic. It smells better, too.

In about an hour I’ll shower to rinse my hair out, and that will be about it. In the meantime, I’m going to go play some Guild Wars and bask in the feeling of having done things today even if I didn’t get through my whole to-do list.

I mean… the laundry doesn’t have to get done tonight… and since I didn’t get around to finishing the closet it’s not like I have a place to really put my clean clothes anyway… I promise this isn’t procrastination or laziness. And even if it was laziness, I totally earned it because of boxing.

Yeah… >.>;

Now to go kill things with my 54% crit chance. Aw, yeah. >:3


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