Daily Post 141: More Muay Thai Please


I went to the Muay Thai class today. It was a lot of fun. I got to meet two of the other instructors and both of them were extremely nice.

They kept commenting on how I had good form. I felt like I wasn’t kicking right since I’m supposed to be using my shin more than the top of my foot. Being aware of it means I can improve.

I surprised myself with how high I’m able to kick now. I can get to the neck region. Not quite able to hit someone’s temple yet, but so close. Pretty soon it will be something like this…


I go back Saturday afternoon for jujitsu. I’m pretty much already hooked from this one experience. It was  great.

Today has been a decent day. Not overly crazy productive, but I’m happy with what I got done. Setting up the virtual machine took way longer than I was expecting. I kept running into issues and having to troubleshoot through things. But, I didn’t toss in the towel, because screw you, Computer. You will bend to my will!

So now I have a Mac OS machine named Mac Daddy on my Windows desktop.

I got OmniFocus installed on the Mac. I got Dropbox setup, too. I even reinstalled MacStitch so if I wanted to I could make custom cross stitch patterns again. I then proceed to go through Omnifocus, deleting projects I’m no longer working on, adjusting my “daily” chores to reflect my tasks in the new apartment, shifting things around, adding context and due dates. I haven’t set any new goals or started battle planning out my demo reel, but I’m content with just cleaning house at the moment.

I washed my sheets because I was tired of all the cat fur. I talked to both Big Bad and my blacksmith this morning.

I started going through my “in” box when I got back from the gym. That was hard emotionally. There were pictures of mom and other memory things. I threw a lot of papers away. A lot it was sketched art that I did back when I was a student. I was holding onto it because I wasn’t ready to let it go. I am now. So it’s gone.

I haven’t finished going through the dreaded “in” box, but I made progress and that makes me feel good. I made it through all my OmniFocus daily tasks. Everything except “work on a craft project” which, since it’s almost one in the morning, I have no intention of doing.

I have a lunch date with Grace tomorrow. I’m spending the evening with Big Bad. We have plans to go running Saturday morning. Maybe we won’t be slackers this time and actually do it. Hopefully, if we do go, I won’t be too burnt out for jujitsu later in the afternoon.

I have a handful of chores I want to do tomorrow. One of them being canceling my membership at my current gym since I’m pretty sold on the Muay Thai place.

I just got done shopping online for new tops. I got four of them from Wish.com. It’s a pretty interesting site I heard about from a friend. I’m hoping I like the tops when they come in. I don’t like online shopping. I want to be able to touch and hold what I’m about to buy. I want to try it on and feel how it fits me. At the same time, I want to be able to find what I’m looking for without having to go to a billion stores to find it… So we’ll see how this turns out.

Four tops for 50 bucks, including shipping… can’t really beat that.

And with that, my to-do list is done, and I’m officially off to bed.


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