Daily Post 148: Fresh Start Monday


Today has gone well. It’s a fresh start to a fresh week.

I woke up with my alarm which is something I’ve been doing more and more lately. 7am. Bright and early. It lets me have my morning routine before having to go to the dojo.

I have my coffee. I put the dry dishes away. I make my breakfast. I plan out my day. The past few mornings I’ve cross-stitched. Not much. Just a single thread. But I let myself have that single thread rather than doing nothing at all. I let myself enjoy the quiet morning, the length of the thread, and for those handful of minutes, I let myself zen out and not worry about how the rest of the day is going to go.

I had three eggs scrambled today instead of doing the half sandwich I normally do. No real reason for the change, just what I was in the mood for I guess.

I wrote about the past week. A lot happened. I kept thinking I should write but I either wasn’t home to do it, or was tired by the end of the day and didn’t feel like staying up long enough to figure out my thoughts, much less make them sound coherent.

It was good to think back onto all of the positive developments in my life. The phone situation was great. I couldn’t have asked for it to work out any better.

I know I mentioned a lot about Big Bad. I’ve also been talking with my blacksmith. I feel I should toss that in there so it doesn’t seem like he’s fallen off the face of the planet. He hasn’t. We have plans to see each other on the 11th. It’s his birthday that day.

Jujitsu was awesome today. I actually got to tap two people out. It was also really rough emotionally. I sat out for the final round because I needed to collect myself. It was good, and I’m glad I worked through the emotions. I’m glad I’ve found this dojo.

I came home and rested afterward. I needed it.

My brother called me about thirty minutes later. He wanted to tell me about the presentation he gave for his class. It went extremely well and he wanted to say thank you to me since I helped him with the slide portion of the presentation. Nothing really overly involved… I just critiqued his layout and gave him tips from a design aspect, but I guess it really helped him out, so that was cool.

I did a bunch of errands once I was off the phone. The post office was a nightmare, but I needed to send out my old phone so I can get the credit applied to my account. I also had mail for the previous tenants that I needed to give to someone who knew what to do with it. So it was worth it, but waiting in line for 20 minutes sort of sucked.

I went to Micheal’s for a smaller cross stitch frame. That was nifty because everything was 50% off, so I got it for five bucks. Hooray. 😀

From there I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods where I found a pair of shin guards I like. I need them for the Muay Thai class. I also got a mouth guard and a new pair of sandals. I know I got a pair while I was in Vegas roughly three months ago, but the longer I have them the more I don’t like them. I hadn’t been able to find a pair in the style I used to have, so I tried this new style.

Well… I gave it a shot and it’s a no go. So I’ll be donating my old pair in the next few days. I can already tell I’ll really like the new ones. Good investment. It would be really cool if they last three years like my previous pair.

I stopped at Publix to grocery shop. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I was ready to be home by the time I loaded everything into my car.

Got home. Put groceries away. Chilled for a little bit before heading out to dance class. It was great to see the instructor again. There were only two other people tonight. I guess that’s odd for a normal class. Maybe it’s because it’s getting into the holiday season…

I’m getting more comfortable with the movements. It’s a better workout now that I can put more effort into it rather than being confused and having to take things slow so I can understand how I’m supposed to be moving.

Nicole wanted to hang out for a bit after the class so I met up with her at the pool hall. It was relaxing, but now I’m home and tired and instead of working on my project file like I had told myself I would, I’m writing my blog and then going to go to sleep.

I’m happy with how today worked out. I’m happy with all of the unlisted things that I got done, along with everything I wrote about. The shopping was something I had been wanting to do for a while so having it off the list leaves tomorrow completely open until the evening, which is when I’ll be doing my three hours at the dojo.

Something I realized while talking with Nicole tonight… Yesterday was the fourth. Month nine without mom. It was the first fourth that  I didn’t consciously count. I didn’t wake up thinking it was the fourth. I didn’t  go to sleep Saturday thinking I would wake up and it would be nine months.

I don’t feel guilty for that. I feel like that’s progress. That I’m healing. I  need to meditate on it more, but I think mom would have been happy that for the first time in nine months, the fourth was just a normal day for me.

And with that, off to sleep I go.


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