Daily Post 077: Surviving Sickness


As the title suggests… I’ve been sick… again… so much lame.

I woke up Saturday morning after spending all of Friday night coughing my lungs out and messaged the tech I was supposed to be working with saying that I wouldn’t be coming in.

Part of me feels shitty about that, but at least I was still in training and I didn’t screw the day over by not showing up. I’ll have to figure out how to get signed off on the remaining things in my skill booklet, but I feel like I made the right call.

I spent most of Saturday drugging myself up on Dayquil, sleeping, drinking water, and stitching when I had the energy/strength to hold the fabric in my hands. I did pretty good about eating, which can be an issue when I’m sick.

I went for a short walk with Ox yesterday, too, and by short I mean we walked around the corner to the first stop sign and then turned around and went back home. It seemed like a good idea to get some fresh air and to try to move around a little bit. I took two really warm showers through the day as well, which helped me cough up more of the grossness in my lungs.

I was able to sleep fairly well last night despite being sick. Waking up this morning led to a bunch of coughing initially, but once I was through breaking up all the junk that settled during the night I was fairly ok. Still tired and weak feeling, but I’ve been able to breathe fairly easily for most of the day and I’ve only had one nap rather than the two I had yesterday. I’m still medicating myself and drinking fluids but the thought of going to work tomorrow doesn’t make me want to go into the backyard to dig my own grave so I think I’ll be ok. It helps that I have Tuesday off this coming week so as long as I can make it through the 12 hours tomorrow I should be ok.

I’m good as far as scrubs go and my lunches for tomorrow are made, so today has been a fairly low key day of resting and recovering, which might be why I feel as ok as I do. It wasn’t a day of “holy shit, everything has to get done and I’m the only person adult enough to do it.”

Tomorrow is going to be my first day on my own, out of training. So it will be the first “real” day with no extra help. Just me and the RN. I think I’ll be alright. I’m curious to see how things go; if things will still be as nice as what they have been. I’m hoping they’re smoother actually since I’ll have more control over what happens and when. Less tripping over people since there’s so many of us on the floor and stuff like that because there is such a thing as too much help.

I don’t think there’s a lot to of other stuff to write about…

I did have a hard time Friday before I started getting sick. I made it through the whole day at work. The 23rd. The day mom was hospitalized. Maybe it was the fact that I was home and could let all of the emotions out, but I cried a lot and had some pretty deep conversation with Ox before talking with John for a while. The conversation with my brother actually really helped.

I told Ox he was the first person I’ve cried that much in front of aside from my therapist since mom died. There wasn’t really a way to hide any of it. There really isn’t a way to hide a tidal wave once it starts…

Due to my sickness, not a lot has happened in the way of cleaning up and working in the addition. It’s also gone back to being cold so I’m sure no one is heartbroken over staying inside where it’s warm. Ox and I did make a trip out today to recycle the cardboard that’s been building up. I also unloaded the dishwasher so I don’t feel like a total slacker. Go me.

I guess what I want to stay is that I’m doing alright. I’m taking care of myself, physically and emotionally, and I’m making it through the hard times.

I spent the past few hours messaging people on Facebook and catching up on the socializing I haven’t been doing. I know a lot of people want to know how the move went and how I’m doing. There are still people I need to send messages to, but I’ve replied to all of the ones I’ve gotten so far, so the rest of the reaching out I can do in the coming days. I still need to write the thank you cards for my co-workers as well… Hopefully, that is an instance where late is better than never since a month and a half is pretty late… >.<;

It’s been a week since Warren has responded to my message about the internet account and my spare car key. That’s getting annoying. I messaged him again earlier today and still haven’t heard anything back from him. Blarg…

It’s getting close to my bedtime, though, so I’m going to stop for now and go figure out dinner so I can get a full night of sleep, fingers crossed. Here’s to hoping my body doesn’t rebel in the morning. That would be a really shitty way to start my first week out of training… “By the way, I’m not coming in today. K. Thx. Bye. : D”



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