Daily Post 156: Posting Late Because I Forgot >.<;


I wrote this Sunday and forgot that I had… so when I sat down to write today I figured I would post this first… My bad.

Thursday was a good and productive day.

I wrote. I created the mockup design for the wall of fame at work. I sent the image to my FA and she loved it. It felt good to play around inside Photoshop again and to make progress on something I said I would get done. I have until March 15 to get everything pulled together.

I printed out my recipes, finally. I ended up having to take screen shots of them, turn them into .jpgs, load them onto a flash drive, then take the flashdrive back to Papa Ox’s computer since I couldn’t get anything to print from my computer. Don’t care. Got it taken care of.

I called Financial Aid at the school and spoke to them for a while. I’ll most likely end up paying for the course I’m signed up for out of pocket and do student loans when I start the degree in August. I need to reapply for the fall term, which is now open for registration. I’m going to hold off on that until after my CPR class so I can submit that certification along with my CNA paper and TB test results and be done with everything all at once. One fell swoop. /woosh

I made the grocery list that Ox and I would need. While I was at it I rearranged some stuff in the kitchen, praying that Mama Ox would be ok with it when she got home.

Ox and I met at our Chinese place for lunch. I had shrimp with garlic sauce this time. It was pretty awesome. Tons of veggies. : )

We went to an oriental market so I could get the green curry paste I would need over the weekend. We went to Hyvee as well since it was near by. They had red bell peppers, buy 5 for $5… I bought 15…

To be fair, they freeze really well and are normally close to two bucks per pepper which is why I tend to stick to only green peppers. This was totally a good deal that I wasn’t going to pass up. Mama Ox helped me dice everything up and put them into zip-lock baggies. That was about an hour worth of quality time in the kitchen with her. It was pretty nice.

I made steaks with broccoli notatoes for dinner that night. Sadly, no one was really a fan of the new notatoes, including myself. It was a good experiement and at least now we know it’s a no-go.

Friday was an alright day. I was tired from not sleeping well. New RN got a sympathy card for everyone at the clinic to sign for my FA. I found out on my break that Ox passed his CDL test. Woo! I’m super happy for him.

When I got home we went upstairs and talked about the addition a bit. That’s been rough lately. My brain doesn’t like nebulous, unresolved things. Luckily we talked through it enough for my mind to be happy. Ox said he would work on it a bit over the weekend while I finish up my leadership assignments. We came downstairs and instead of being able to work on my reflection section, we got roped into talking to Ox’s parents for a while. By the time we were able to get away I was done. I didn’t have it in me mentally to work on anything else that’s been piling up on my to-do list. I hadn’t been able to decompress at all between work and figuring stuff out at home. I hadn’t been able to write or cross stitch. I didn’t want to deal with dinner. I curled up in bed instead.

I didn’t sleep well that night. It went so far as to me going out to the couch which only helped mildly.

Saturday started rough. Ox and I hadn’t touched a whole lot the night before, or the days leading up to Saturday and I was feeling the distance. It hadn’t helped that he kept grinding against me the night before in his sleep only to start snoring contentedly in my ear.

Not cool, bro. I want you to be here with me. I want you to connect with me. Not tormenting me mercilessly in your sleep.

We ended up having the connection I wanted early Sunday morning. I was, and am, still grateful for it. Emotionally I’m still a little raw today. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing, just something to be aware of within myself. Saturday was a long and involved day, and today isn’t going to be much better mentally. I need to take it easy and allow myself the space to recover.

Anywho, yeah. Ox and I were able to connect and that helped me get rid of some of the buildup on the inside. I felt better for it. I made waffles with my new totally amazing waffle maker while Ox made eggs. After breakfast and cleaning the kitchen I worked on my reflection section for chapter six. Once that was taken care of I showered, talked to Mama Ox about a mini shopping list for her and Papa Ox and then headed into town with Ox.

We started at GNC to get bang. They didn’t have Bangster Berry, a new flavor I’ve fallen in love with, but they had Cotton Candy and the Cherry Blade Lemonade that I like. We were also able to get a case of Blue Raze for Ox.

From there we went to Micheal’s to look at craft supplies for the wall of fame project. That ended up taking an hour; maybe a bit longer. I got a black science board with a while poster board to go on the inside. This will make the “movie screen”. I got some small bottles of paint as well as some colored card stock. I wasn’t 100% sure how I was going to go about the film cells for the project, but I had some supplies to play around with. I figured I would be better able to figure out what I wanted to do by experimenting with things.

While we were there I got contact paper for the puzzles Mama Ox, Lil’ Ox and I have worked on together. I’ll try to get those taken care of today in the midsts of doing everything else I need to do.

After Micheal’s, Ox and I went to Jo Ann Fabrics. I didn’t get as much from there, but it was good to price check things. We drove back down to South Lincoln where we got lunch at Wendy’s before going over to Walmart to do the shopping we had originally set out to do. We had already been out of the house for about four hours at that point. With all of the brainstorming and figuring out and thinking on the wall of fame project, I was pretty ready to be done with everything and go home. We got a few more items for the project, along with everything on the list for Mama and Papa Ox. We came home, I put groceries away, I started the taco skillet for dinner, and even made another batch of brownies since I had gotten the correct sweetener on Thursday.

Dinner was nice. The brownies turned out alright. Ox isn’t a fan, but then he doesn’t like dark chocolate because he’s lame.

I didn’t work on my leadership course after dinner. I didn’t cross stitch. I didn’t do much for a while. Eventually I listened to music. I found a few playlists I like. They’re rieki playlists which reminded me that I never researched into that a lot when I first found out about it. So I started reading stuff on Google. That led to reading about palm readings. Eventually that led to reading more about keto since Jon has been asking me a bunch of questions about it.

Yeah… I have no idea how I jumped around to all those different topics, but there you go. It was actually extremely nice to just chill and read things that I wanted to read rather than worrying about all these different things in my life.

Reiki actually has some pretty interesting concepts that resonate with my beliefs. There’s five principles.

For today, I will not worry.
For today, I will not anger.
For today, I will be honest.
For today, I will be grateful.
For today, I will be kind.

It’s not a religion. It’s not a cult following. It’s just five things to strive for each day. We can do anything for one day. I feel like this is similar to what my leadership class has been talking about. Honesty is authenticity. Being true to yourself and others.

It’s food for thought, for sure.

Anywho… I’m going to go for now. I feel like today is on better tracks at the moment. After breakfast Ox is going to go upstairs to work a bit and I’ll be left in the room to listen to my book and cross stitch. If I get time I’ll get the puzzles situated and maybe even experiement with making the curtains for the wall of fame movie screen.

Lots of potential. I’m looking forward to it being pretty chill.


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